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Can extracted, AutoCad attributes, be changed in Excel?

Discussion in 'Electrical Engineering' started by Dennis, Jun 12, 2004.

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  1. Dennis

    Dennis Guest


    I've got a question on attribute extraction. Let's
    say I have a fire alarm schematic which contains
    several hundred digital addresses. I understand that
    I can, in AutoCad, extract these addresses to a spreadsheet,
    such as Excel. My question is, if I change a number of
    one or several of these addresses within the spreadsheet,
    will this change show in the schematic? If not, is there a program
    that will allow me to accomplish this?


  2. SQLit

    SQLit Guest

    When you find it please post it. I am unaware of any way to do what you want
    to do.
    Have you tried an import on the changed data?
    If you could do an HTML link that would change the numbers. I do not know
    how sorry. Seems to me there should be a data base some where in the Acad
    file you could modify instead. I used to do that with a program that used
    Access for its storage of data.
    Make backups so you do not hose it...
  3. Dennis

    Dennis Guest

    I did some research. There is a way to bring attribute data into
    a spread sheet, like Excel, but the data cannot be changed within Excel, and
    have it mirrored back to the drawing. On the otherhand, Autocad has
    a data base program built in . It requires learning a little bit
    of the SQL programming language. It is then possible to build a data base
    of data in an Autocad drawing. This data can be inserted into a spreadsheet
    like Excel. Any change to the data, within the spreadsheet will change the
    same data in the drawing. This is an advanced topic, and I'll have to
    look into it more before I can apply it. I found this info in a manual
    put out by Autocad Press. It is titled Using AutoCad 2004, Advanced, author
    Ralph Grabowski.ISBN: 1-4018-5058-8.
  4. SQLit

    SQLit Guest

    Do some research on SQL. I know in Access there are tables that when the
    text is modified it is only in that table. You will need to find the master
    table. Or at least that is what we did with Access. After all the same folks
    probably wrote the both programs
  5. 2004, indeed! I am still using R14 (and I think I WON"T upgrade in the

    Dimitris Tzortzakakis,Iraklion Crete,Greece
    Analogue technology rules-digital sucks
    dimtzort AT otenet DOT gr the return adress is corrupted
    Warning:all offending emails will be deleted, and the offender/spammer
    will be put on my personal "black list".
  6. Modat22

    Modat22 Guest

    We still use R14 as well but we've purchased all the upgrades as
    they've come out, just haven't installed them.

    But recently we've had to start using 2004 due to some arch desktop
    objects showing up in dwg's that crash r14 (even with obj enabler

    The only things about 2000 thru 2004 I hate are:

    1. the new plotting interface (To complex for hvac/electrical/plumbing

    2. the way acad 2000 thru 2004 treats polyline thicknesses. IE. if I
    have a plotter.ctb file that had the color red set for a thickness .25
    then I create a zero thickness polyline in the color red it will be
    much much thinner than the default .25. Also polyline thicknesses
    don't plot as thick as they did in r14.
  7. Dennis

    Dennis Guest

    I like 2004, would never go back to 14, just too cumbersome.

  8. Modat22

    Modat22 Guest

    after my lisp routines and quick commands are loaded in 2004 I find no
    difference in 2004 except in plotting and I hate the plotting in all
    the 2000's series acad.
  9. Mike Lamond

    Mike Lamond Guest


    When I was doing a lot of my own AutoCAD work, I automated repetative
    steps by using QBasic to write script files for batch attribute editing
    and AutoLISP routines to insert series of blocks with sequentially
    numbered attributes. It should be possible to take the spreadsheet with
    the extracted addresses, add another column with the new addresses, save
    it to text format, then have a QBasic program read each line and write
    a -attedit command to perform global editing as follows. It could be
    done with VBA in Excel, I just never took the time to convert my code.
    This will work only if two conditions are met: the digital addresses are
    the same attribute in a unique block and no digital addresses are

    <blank line>

    This will take a few minutes to run. The prefix makes sure that, in case
    any new address matches an old address, it will not be selected. I usually
    use &&, since it doesn't mean anything to AutoCAD text. The final command
    removes the prefixes from all of the addresses.

    <blank line>
    <blank line>

    Hope this helps,

  10. milo

    milo Guest

    Try search for Excel. I found lots of shareware
    programs to do what you are talking about for all different flavors of
    Autocad. Here is the description for one of them:
    EXCELLINK 2000 is an ARX application for AutoCAD 2000/2000i/2002 (Map, MDT,
    ADT). It allows to bi-directionally hot link attribute and block data
    between an AutoCAD drawing and an Excel 97/2000/XP sheet. For room
    schedules, BOMs, lists, computed attributes, etc.

    Version: 1.18
    File Size: 305kb
    Registration: Shareware ($99.00US to register)
    Platform: AutoCAD 2000, 2000i, 2002, MTD6, ADT3
    Author Email:
    Author Website:
    Admin | 4/15/2002 | 1153 Downloads | Rate it!
    Good luck
  11. Reini Urban

    Reini Urban Guest

    Sure. Excel links have always been hot-link capable.
    First with DDE, than OLE.

    The remaining problem is how the specify the link from excel to autocad.
    The only reliable way is to change an text or attrib textvalue. This is
    the default, every app uses.

    Parametric modeling would require a geometrical change also
    (length, angle, blockname, ...). This needs custom programming, but has
    also been done.
  12. Dennis

    Dennis Guest

    thank you one and all for the help, and input.

    I've come up with several solutions that will work for me,
    (and my boss).

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