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cameras in a car?

Discussion in 'Security Alarms' started by David Stiles, Nov 17, 2005.

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  1. David Stiles

    David Stiles Guest

    Hi All,

    I'm having a bit a problem with some local hoods. I need a two camera
    system for my car that covers the front and rear. An additional microphone
    channel would be nice if possible. I don't want the cameras or mic to be
    readily identifiable - the goal is to get good quality video of the status
    quo. Time and date stamp on the recorder would be nice if possible.

    Is anything available under $1000 that will do this? I'm really concerned
    about adapting off-the-shelf components because of the environment in a car
    - heat, vibration, etc.

    Any ideas appreciated.....
  2. Rich

    Rich Guest

    A 12 time laps recorder in the trunk. A Mimi cam in a Kleenex box on the
    back deck. A mini cam in the fussy dice from the front visor.

    You could go wireless to the house.
  3. Les George

    Les George Guest

    Like the other reply states cameras can be hidden in any object. Wooly hat,
    1x glove on dash, cleenex (like stated) air freshner.
    There are plenty of 12 volt 4 camera DVRs that are available, you don't need
    to worry about vibration if you only use it when vehicle is parked.
  4. Frank Olson

    Frank Olson Guest

    Check out The "Oh No" episode is the funniest.
  5. C.Waterhill

    C.Waterhill Guest

    I am not sure about price,
    but look
    i think they have what you need.

  6. Frank Olson

    Frank Olson Guest

    Try here:
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