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Camcorder Viewfinders: Pinouts?

Discussion in 'General Electronics' started by Captain Blammo, Sep 3, 2004.

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  1. Hello there, I have 2 viewfinders from old camcorders that I wanted to get
    working with an external NTSC video signal.

    If anyone could supply me with pinouts and/or general information, I would
    be massively grateful. If not, does anyone have advice on the best way to
    test them without causing breakage?

    The first viewfinder is from a Sony Handycam CCD TRV22. It has four
    conductors on a transparent plastic cable (Two are thicker, so I assume they
    are for power, and then the other two for video and video ground). I gather
    that all handycam viewfinders need PAL in. Is this true?

    The other one's from a Magnavox Easycam 8 and has 5 wires going to the CRT
    board. Two are power, but the other 3 (which are white, yellow and brown)
    are a bit of a mystery. I assume one is for sync, one is video in, and one
    is video ground.

    Thanks for any help!
  2. Richard

    Richard Guest

    Is the TRV22 a digital handycam with a LCD screen?
  3. Andre

    Andre Guest

    These might be data input for the OSD and are probably not required.

    I got mine working with just three wires, power video and GND. I had
    to put a 100 ohm resistor between video and Gnd to make my camera work


  4. The other one's from a Magnavox Easycam 8 and has 5 wires going to the
    How did you determine which conductor was which? I assume that if I connect
    the poer to the wrong conductor that something is going to break. Is there a
    good way of testing with a multimeter?

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