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Camcorder manufacturers offer 60x to 70x zoom capabilities.

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by Skybuck Flying, Aug 10, 2009.

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  1. Hello,

    Today I visited a BCC store and something catched my eye... some very fancy
    new camcorders, compact, tiny, nice looking and they have 60x zoom.

    Could be a real nice deal for those folks out there wanting to capture UFO
    material !

    I tried it out in the store... when it zooms in... first it blurs a bit...
    but then the auto focus clearifies it when holding still...

    I am not sure if this is capable of capturing/focusing on a light in the sky
    at night... ofcourse I couldn't try it out at night.

    From what I saw the zoom was pretty powerfull.. but I couldn't really test
    it properly because of anti-theft systems in place but ok ;)

    Try googling for sony camcorder 60x optical zoom... or go visit the BCC

    Pretty sweet stuff ! ;)

    They were also selling hd camcorders looking the same but more clear
    video... but those are twice as pricey and have only 10x zoom...

    But maybe the clear resolution makes up for it a bit... I think those were
    mpeg4 (also called hdvcd ahvcd or something like that) resolutions of up to

    Prices were something like: 200 euro for a sony camcorder with 60x zoom. 500
    euro for hd camcorder... something like that.

    200 bucks seems like a real bargain to me... I payed 200 bucks for my
    digital photo camera... and it had crappy video and no sound... the sony
    camcorders do have sound too... though maybe the video quality is a bit poor
    still.... and ofcourse they can't make pictures ? I am not sure though...

    At least my digital photo camera can make crystal clear pictures... but
    that's no good for ufo capturing... it just doesn't capture.

    Video/camcorders would be much better at capturing ufo's I am sure ! ;)

    Though low resolution scares me off a bit...

    Maybe we should all wait a litttttle bit longer... until the hd camera's
    become more affordable and have even stronger zoom ;) :)

    And then I think everybody should have one... for that once in a lifetime
    experience with a UFO ! =D

    You gotta capture it man ! LOL.

    Skybuck =D
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