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Calling all Australian Commodore Computer Users

Discussion in 'Hobby Electronics' started by Mike Paull, Jun 20, 2004.

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  1. Mike Paull

    Mike Paull Guest

    If you're Australian, use an 8bit Commodore computer and want to meet up
    with like minded individuals then please subscribe to our group by clicking
    on the link below:

    It was established earlier this year to provide a local fourm where help
    can be requested, be it fixing hardware, finding a program, programming
    questions and general chat about all things Commodore.

    So far we have 20 members however i'm sure there are more Aussie CBM'ers
    out there, please join our small community and unite with other locals.

  2. slippery

    slippery Guest

    Last time I dabbled was when there was that DOOM clone on
    the internet.

  3. James

    James Guest

    People still use them? and here I was using the VIC-20s as tyre chocks. Know
    where plenty more VIC & C64s are too....and cheap...I wonder if they will
    ever become a collectors item. Might have to pick up half a dozen more when
    I'm next at the tip.

  4. Mike Paull

    Mike Paull Guest

    Hi James,

    If you read this newsgroup long enough you'll realise that many people
    still use them.

  5. Someone was advertising on for someone to
    reverse engineer the ol' atari so they can start building them again
    in production quantities.
  6. Kevcat

    Kevcat Guest

    too late
    they are already selling them via Danoz Direct
    "ONLY $129.99"
    128 of some of the oldest 8 bit games ever

  7. Mike Paull

    Mike Paull Guest

    And Ironstone will be selling a C64-in-a-joystick later thuis year with 30
    games built in, to be called C64-DTV.

  8. Paul

    Paul Guest

    Strange that this topic has come up,i draged my old Amstrad 464 out
    only 2 days ago and gave it to lifeline.Hoooooo the pain,lol
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