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Calculate speed when skiing?

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by HS, Oct 3, 2004.

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  1. HS

    HS Guest

    I'm working with a specially designed application for calculating the speed
    when skiing - without having any fixed reference points. I have found some
    wathes calculate the speed based on using altimeter and clinometer. Does
    anyone have some experience with this kind of application, or better ideas?
  2. Bob Masta

    Bob Masta Guest

    No experience, but you should be able to do this by Doppler shift
    reflected off the snow, probably with everything mounted on a ski.
    You can probably use optical, radar, or ultrasound. Just a thought.

    Bob Masta

    D A Q A R T A
    Data AcQuisition And Real-Time Analysis
  3. Tom Biasi

    Tom Biasi Guest

  4. John Fields

    John Fields Guest

  5. zipzit

    zipzit Guest

    Its going to be pretty tough to beat GPS for this application.... gps
    includes speed and vertical displacement.

    Have you seen those recording devices they rent at the big ski slopes?
    They tell you vertical drop, speed, give you a map at the end of the
    day on your entire route, etc..

    I think the armband unit rents for $20 / day or so.

  6. You can buy a wrist mounted Garmin ForeTrex GPSr for just over $100.

    Dave :)
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