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Cadence (OrCad)

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by Jamie, Mar 26, 2012.

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  1. Jamie

    Jamie Guest

    Today, I was at a computer show and saw version
    16.3 I think it was of the OrCad edition of this

    They wanted $110 for it.

    We don't use Orcad but was interested in trying it out.

    I am just wondering how that would play out getting that kind
    of an item at a computer show and activate the license?

    Also, how does the price on that version compare ? I am not
    even sure what the newest version is?

  2. Charlie E.

    Charlie E. Guest

    It MIGHT have been a hacked product, but more than like it was the
    FREE evaluation version, or something like that...

  3. Nico Coesel

    Nico Coesel Guest

    It probably is software which is no longer needed. Selling it is a
    good choice just like you would do with a car you no longer need.
  4. josephkk

    josephkk Guest

    I kind of have to agree. That looks like a fire sale price. It may be
    the version in the left hand column or the right hand column. If it
    includes a full copy of PSpice, grab it for that alone, it would be worth
    it several times over.

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