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Cadence killing off Orcad PCB Layout

Discussion in 'CAD' started by Anton Erasmus, Jan 31, 2008.

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  1. I asked for a quote for OrCad from our local agent. Together with the
    quote, they sent a letter from Cadence in which they stated that
    OrCAD PCB Layout will only be sold up to the middle of this year.
    After this it will not be available anymore.

    Anton Erasmus
  2. Anton,
    This letter was released to OrCAD users in the spring of 2007. I am
    surprised that you are even able to get a quote for OrCAD. As you can see
    that letter stated that they would not be selling any OrCAD PCB packages
    past July 31st of last year.

    "This letter is intended to communicate some important developments
    regarding the future of Cadence OrCAD Layout. Cadence has begun the
    End-of-Life process for Cadence OrCAD Layout technology based products.

    Please Note: Cadence OrCAD Capture, OrCAD Capture CIS, and PSpice®
    technology are all integral parts of Cadence's long-term product strategy
    and are not affected by this notice.

    Effective July 31, 2007, Cadence will no longer sell the following Cadence
    OrCAD Layout based technology products:
    1. OrCAD Layout (PO1410)
    2. OrCAD Layout Plus (PO1420)
    3. OrCAD Unison PCB (PO1510)
    4. OrCAD Unison Ultra (PO1530)
    5. Layout Studio (PS1430)

    We acknowledge that transitioning software systems is never easy and is
    often a juggling act between investing in learning new technologies and
    meeting current business priorities. EMA is committed to ensuring we do
    everything possible to help minimize the impact on you, wherever possible.
    To help ease the transition, Cadence is providing OrCAD Layout customers
    with multiple paths for migrating to new technology that leverages the power
    of Allegro PCB Editor. Learn more about the various transition path options
    by visiting
    The products entering End of Sale will be supported thru March 31, 2009.
    After that date, these products will no longer be supported for hot-fixes or
    support calls and will not be shipped on the OrCAD CD set. "
  3. Sorry, misread the dates.

    The local agent probalby have some old stock they are trying to

    Anton Erasmus
  4. Marra

    Marra Guest

    There are too many PCBCAD software vendors chasing too few customers.

    There is loads of free and cheap stuff without having to spend
    hundreds or thousands on software.
  5. JeffM

    JeffM Guest

    Ah, the old *make your brand look like a generic reference* thing.
    You can't pass up an opportunity to SPAM for your crapware, can you?'

    Business philosophy:*-*-the-ethics+uu-uu+suckers
  6. How many customers are there Marra, show us your smarts!

    Yeah there is loads of cheap or free crap out there. Like everything
    else in life, you get what you pay for.
  7. Marra

    Marra Guest

    But why spend £1,000 when £20 will do a very good job?

    I have designed dozens of boards with the software i have and never
    had any problems or complaints.
  8. What you paid yourself GBP 20 ? Most people do not complain to

    Anton Erasmus
  9. Joel Koltner

    Joel Koltner Guest

    "But why spend £1,000 when £20 will do a very good job?"

    Because many £20 programs -- such as yours -- don't have nearly the features
    that £1000 programs do.

    I would be the first to admit that plenty of £1000 programs are crap, though,
    and not worth nearly the asking price. But there are other £1000 programs
    that are worth every penny...
  10. Marra

    Marra Guest

    But my £20 program does everything I want !!!!

    I have found the more expensive packages come with bug lists !
    Mine doesnt have a bug list coz I fixed the ones I have found !
  11. Joel Koltner

    Joel Koltner Guest

    "But my £20 program does everything I want !!!!"

    OK, but just for the sake of discussion here, one thing that we find quite
    valuable where I work is the ability to tie in schematic capture to our MRP
    system. This means that when you go to place a part, if you figure it'd a
    part that we've used before, you can browse or search all the "database"
    parts, find the part you want, and it'll automatically fill in all the various
    part attributes that your database tells it to (e.g., component value,
    manufacturer name & part no., tolerances, etc.). The ability to link to any
    ODBC-complaint database is pretty nice in that it keeps as much information
    about the parts your company is using in one place.

    Your program doesn't do that, does it? (I certainly wouldn't expect it would
    for the price...)

    "I have found the more expensive packages come with bug lists !
    Mine doesnt have a bug list coz I fixed the ones I have found !"

    Hey, that's quite commendable. I'm sure your customers appreciate it.

  12. Marra

    Marra Guest

    With mine its even simpler you just merge in parts of older designs
    which you know work !

    Why use a sledgehammer to crack a nut ?

    In a lot of my designs I often start from a previous schematic.

    My software can update/replace any component you like with another
    Not bad for £20 !!!!
  13. Joel Koltner

    Joel Koltner Guest

    "With mine its even simpler you just merge in parts of older designs
    which you know work !"

    If you're only using old parts, that's fine.

    "Why use a sledgehammer to crack a nut ?"

    Because some nuts are so tough to crack that you need a sledgehammer? :)

    I have a suspicion here that you haven't had experience attempting to apply
    your tools at a company that's doing dozens of different designs every year,
    ordering hundreds of different parts every month, and yet still trying to make
    their engineers' lives as simple (productive) as possible while not driving
    logistics and purchasing insane in the process.

    "My software can update/replace any component you like with another
    Not bad for £20 !!!!"

    Agreed. Your competition is stuff like gEDA and the "free" (with a catch)
    versions of software that Express PCB and Advanced Circuits put out, not
    ORCAD/PADS/etc... Possibly Eagle, although even Eagle has a very complete
    scripting language if you want to get fancy, whereas your software doesn't,
    right? (But Eagle does cost noticeably more too...)

  14. Joerg

    Joerg Guest

    Have you guys found a system that does that? We've tried in one company,
    combining Agile, our older accounting system plus OrCad, AutoCad and
    such. None of the CAD systems were allowing a useful MRP link. Sure, you
    could find schematics and OrCad would automatically pop up. But picking
    parts from MRP into an open schematic page, with pricing popping up and
    stuff, nope, didn't do it.

    This is exactly the question I asked the Agile guys and then they were
    scratching their heads. Other than that it was a good system but it
    didn't go that far. The only systems that were able to come close were
    the ones my father dealt with at IBM, back in the days of central
    processing and terminals where MRP and CAD came from the same vendor.
    Usually at rather steep seat prices but it worked.

  15. Joel Koltner

    Joel Koltner Guest

    Hi Joerg,

    Sort of.

    For production items we use ORCAD and it was previously tied into a home-grown
    database. The guy who wrote the database maintenance program was a
    (particularly good) summer intern, so when he left it began to slowly fall
    into disarray and it became clear that some of the program's architecture was
    not as conducive to getting design work done as we'd have liked. Still, while
    it was maintained it did prove valuable.

    Flash forward to the present. We're currently installing one of those big,
    fancy MRP systems and our ("not a database programmer") IT guy has been tasked
    with getting it integrated with ORCAD. I know that he's encountered some
    problems while doing so, but sooner or later all of this is supposed to come
    together and make life a little bit easier again in that generated BOMs will
    have correct manufacturers' part numbers in them.

    This has been taking longer than the company originally anticipated, but I've
    been involved with the adoption of "big fancy MRP systems" at a previous
    company and I'm personally not surprised. Such systems often seem to consume
    enormous amounts of a company's time and money before they begin producing
    useful results!
    This is what ORCAD CIS does (lets you browse a database that can have whatever
    fields you want, e.g., component name, type, value, manufacturer's part no.,
    price, etc.). It doesn't do it as well as it should -- every time you go to
    place another database part it collapses the tree of all your parts categories
    and has several other productivity-sapping annoyances -- but it does work.
    Pulsonix has their database connectivity option that claims it'll do the same
    things -- and in a somewhat less brain-dead manner -- but I've only read the
    documentation for it and not actually tried it out on a real project. From
    past discussions on here Protel and CADStar claim some degree of database
    connectivity as well.

  16. Joerg

    Joerg Guest

    That's what they all do :)

    Yep, this stuff needs to be fully documented or it falls apart really fast.

    I don't want to be your IT guy right now. OrCad has great stuff such as
    lots of additional part fields, something that took Cadsoft many years
    to add. But I never saw OrCad seemlessly integrate those with a standard
    database. However, I didn't try anything past 9.3 or whatever it was
    called because it crashed too often. Now that they seem to have axed
    OrCad Layout I probably won't touch it anyways.

    We had Agile up and running pretty fast but we also invested lots into
    employee training at the earliest possible time. In the training room we
    first had a mock system set up so we could test the heck out of it
    without any risks. Then we'd call them in every now and then and told
    them that we found this, that and the other thing that needed to be changed.

    Would be nice to hear some success stories from users. Maybe you'll have
    one soon. I sure hope it works.
  17. Marra

    Marra Guest

    I dont provide a scripting language because I consider I provide
    everything anyone might need.
    Having said that there is no reason why someone cant put the parts
    lists into a spread sheet etc.

    The software was written while I was a electronics design consultant
    and had modules added as needed.
    So the software was used over dozens of different projects.

    Even to this day I add more modules as I feel fit.
    The current project is a 3D viewer of the PCB of which the first
    version is out now.
  18. Joel Koltner

    Joel Koltner Guest

    Hi Marra,

    "I dont provide a scripting language because I consider I provide
    everything anyone might need."

    Ironically the reason programs provide scripting languages is because they
    realize that it's generally impossible to provide "everything anyone might
    need." :)

    One of the frequency-asked-for features over on the Yahoo! Pulsonix group is
    either a scripting language of a COM interface. I'd certainly appreciate
    having one...

  19. Joerg

    Joerg Guest

    Eagle has the scripting feature. Unfortunately it does not support a
    hierarchical sheet structures so it's out for a lot of serious work.
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