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CAD program recommendation

Discussion in 'CAD' started by Imitheos, Aug 8, 2003.

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  1. Imitheos

    Imitheos Guest


    I would like a recommendation for a cad program.

    I have used many but i liked best Protel DXP and CadSoft Eagle.
    I use eagle now because of the large component database,linux support,etc.

    I am verry happy with eagle but my problem is, that is has very small
    pads and it difficults me when producing pcbs with chemicals and
    soldering too.(I've read that the minimum pad size for convenient hand
    work is 60mil).
    I have played with restring but i didn't get very good results.

    My problem with Protel was that while it had very extensive database
    with companies (altera,burr brown,etc) it had only two databases (misc
    connectors/devices i think).

    I will appreciate your opinions about several cad programs.

    Thank you for your time
  2. Active8

    Active8 Guest

    if the artwork is opaque, you processed a good mask from it (the ink
    should contact the pcb and a collimated light source is nice), and
    you're having problems, it's in the etch process and then i'd expect
    thin traces to be a problem. i get great etches even using crude artwork
    transfer and resist technologies. you should be able to sign your name
    with a permanent marker and see the tapers where you lifted the pen,
    though you'll most likely see areas where the ink didn't "cover" well
    for lack of a better term.
    if that were true, i'd be in bad shape. my current state of health
    allows me to hand solder SMT with an iron if i have no hot air. i'm
    definitely lucky to be able to deal with small stuff.
    "restring" ! is that in the same manual as "airwire"? maybe it hoses
    your printed artwork. printouts can have voids that would need to be
    touched up. i remember one pos program that always left voids in my
    pours unless i filled in the blanks (left from the sorry pour graphics
    algorithm) prior to printing.
    ugh! the company has also changed hands from a questionable one to an
    even more questionable one, IMHO. SuperSpice and LT spice seem to have
    the best customer service via [and with thanks to] usenet. but they're
    just capsims, which is not to say they're not good programs.
    none are perfect. none offer the most convienient way to do everything.

    i prefer Orcad, though Protel is also powerful and you probably spent
    time learning to drive it.

    i just can't figure why you can't change your pad dimensions. if a
    "part" comes with a pcb tool and you don't like the pad sizes, you're
    stuck creating or finding a new part, i'm sure.

  3. maxfoo

    maxfoo Guest

    Eagle allows you to create your own parts library.
    that should solve that problem.
    Here's a tutorial on how to do it in word format.
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