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Cable Modem RFI

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Vey, Apr 2, 2007.

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  1. Vey

    Vey Guest

    "Something" is interfering with my cable modem and causing it to reboot.
    All the wire to the telephone pole has been replaced. The modem has been
    replaced. I had cable service here with no trouble. A month ago, 15
    cable trucks descended upon my neighborhood, they said to "Clean things
    up." After three weeks, they left and left me with an inop connection.

    "Something" between the time of 7:54 and 9:54 is causing constant
    reboots, then after 10:00 am, thing smooth out so I "only" get a reboot
    every hour or so. Sometimes it exactly on the nose, on the :30's or the
    :15's. Other times, it will be fine for 2 hours, then reboot.

    When I say "reboot" I mean the cable light goes out while the power and
    PC lights stay on, then the cable light slowly flashes, then rapidly
    flashes, then comes on solid.

    Once I saw a pattern, I started using Ping Plotter, to keep track. It is
    easier than hand logging.

    My house is simple. I have nothing on timers, not even a VCR. After 3
    truck rolls and numerous tests when nothing is wrong, there is no fix.
    All the wire and the modem has been replaced. They suggest that maybe a
    pool pump is to blame? I don't have a pool.

    So today, I ring all the doorbells and ask about their pool pumps. One
    of my next-door neighbors has a pump that comes on a 7 am and shuts off
    at 12 pm, but all the others have other times. I turn off the neighbors
    pump, go home and look to see no fix.

    I was able to get a SNR reading from my modem, but I can't keep it up
    since the cable company won't allow SNMP. I have to fiddle like crazy to
    see what I have.

    Here are the numbers I can get:
    Power Level:
    Received: 4.4 dBmV Transmitted 41.6 sBmV
    Received SNR: 32.5 db

    Sorry, but that's all the Toshiba PCX2500 will let me see.

    I am open to ideas.
  2. TimPerry

    TimPerry Guest

    i had something similar happen recently. there is nothing to do but keep
    reporting the problem.
  3. JW

    JW Guest

    I had the exact same problem with a Motorola Surfboard. The culprit? A
    noisy splitter! Try removing all the splitters if possible. Other things
    to check would be to remove all other equipment on the line - VCRs, TVs,
  4. Vey

    Vey Guest

    Done before I hollered for help by calling the cable company in the
    first place. I guess I have some sort of "guilt complex" and assume when
    things go wrong that it is something *I* did. The guilty boy complex, I
    suppose you could call it. When I was a boy, I might have touched
    something and broken it . . . well, my Dad never let me forget it.

    So I try to eliminate *everything* that I did or could have done before
    I call and complain to the company. I sometimes waste a lot of time this
    way. A sloppy technician left things in a bad state, and I spent a 8
    hours a day for a week trying to fix something that I couldn't because
    there was no way I could.
  5. Vey

    Vey Guest

    Tim Perry, I think you are on the right track. I think if the "cable"
    light goes out, there is nothing, on my end to do about it. I had a
    technician out here today. I won't say much because I don't want to jinx
    things, but he knew how to take the modem down from the PC end. I would
    have never known how to do that, but there is, technically, a way it can
    be done.

    But other than that way, I don't know a way.

    Constant complaining finally sent me a tech that knew a little
    something. Whether he has acutauuly fixed it, will take a day or two,
    and maybe three to know.

    I will post the results.
  6. Ross Herbert

    Ross Herbert Guest

  7. Vey

    Vey Guest

  9. Hi!
    Try typing into your web browser's address bar. Most
    cable modems have an internal web page that lists statistics and may even
    allow you to reboot/reset them: (840x559, 76KB)

    There are some that also have TELNET or FTP servers running, but those are
    far less common.

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