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cable current capacity(ampere)

Discussion in 'Electrical Engineering' started by Brian Su, Jan 3, 2004.

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  1. Brian Su

    Brian Su Guest

    Hello guys,

    I have just finished making my set of car jumper cables using 300AMP
    35mm square fine strand copper cables. These are orange in color and
    preety think. they are Orange Welding cables actually.

    I just like to know, how come the cable is only rated at 300amp when
    it's so think, 35mm?? That's equiv to 2AWG. I've seen thinner car
    jumper cables being sold with 400amp rating.

    Ok my guess is that my cables can withstand 300amp sustained current
    whereelse those sold off shelves are rated for the peak current which
    it wouldn't last after a few seconds of cranking the car's engine?

    So how much current can my cables actually carry across to jump a car?
    Since they are so think and powerful can they be used to jump start
    large diesel engines like a lorry?

  2. Brian Su

    Brian Su Guest

    In you case, however, the converse is true. For the very short periods where
    Hello, thanks for your time explaining stuff. Yes the battery cable in
    the vehicle may be smaller or of the same size as my jumper leads but
    they only run for a feet or 2 to the chasis/starter motor. Wherelse my
    jumper cables run for 2.5 meters each. The other thing is that,
    battery cables in the car are normally think strand copper cables made
    up of about 15 - 20 strands of thick copper wires in them. I believe
    thick strand cables can carry more current than thin strand ones?

    Yeah I don't think these welding cables can be burned up just by jump
    starting a lorry. I'll be suprised if they overheat at all... hehehe.

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