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c6XX starter kits capabilities

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by [email protected], Aug 5, 2007.

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    c6XX starter kits capabilities
    Greetings. First, you might want to fix that return e-mail address...
    right now it's just "mike" and that's a tad generic ;-)

    Second, if you're determined to build your own (there are advantages
    like fixability, duplication, off-shelf parts, ease of modification)
    MARK V (kit place) sells a nice kit. It's Order #: TY-2 and costs
    $14.75 (you can get an assembled/tested unit for $20.50) and here's
    the blurb:

    "This unit drives 6-40W fluorescent light for portable and emergency
    use. Works from 7.2V to 16VDC battery. Includes a 'Hi-Efficiency
    Switchmode IC Driving Circuit' suitable for use with different
    lights. 1lb"

    A friend of mine got one recently and said that the kit was complete,
    PCB was nice, and it worked the first time. I ordered a kit from them
    in 2006 and they were prompt. They've been around since '85...

    I'm sure other places sell these as well but this is the only one I
    have experience with. BTW, the JCWhitney one is very similar to all
    the "el-cheapo" lights that you can find in gizmo-stores. I got one
    dead and the switching transistor was undersized and shorted... not
    pretty. Also, they are usually designed with custom-marked parts so
    have fun in drawing out the schematic and fixing it...

    Their address is:

    Mark V Electronics, Inc.
    8019 E. Slauson Ave
    Montebello, CA 90640

    Free Catalog from (213)888-8988
    Fax: 213-888-6868

    Just a happy camper :)

    Take care.

    P.S. Pardon that last pun ;-)
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