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Buzzing flyback

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Michael A. Covington, Aug 1, 2004.

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  1. Leading Edge (Daewoo) 14-inch monitor. Works fine but there is a buzzing or
    steady arcing sound, apparently from the flyback transformer area. Is this
    a failing flyback or something else? I am familiar with high voltage
    precautions but haven't been keeping up with monitor repair. Thanks!
  2. Art

    Art Guest

    If the LOPT were arcing you would notice a nise strong ozone smell and
    probably the aroma or burning plastic. Also the protect circuits would shut
    the device down due to excessive current. Harmonic noises from the LOPT and
    other components in the deflection circuits are quite common and are
    addressed either by replacing the individual components or applying a
    sealant material, like RTV to the offending device to quiet them down.
  3. It's apparently the yoke rather than the flyback. I'm going to try applying
    some silicone seal to it more or less at random. My daughter has assured me
    that the monitor need not be repaired... it's an old one, but she customized
    it with blue paint and flower decals, and if it can be repaired, it will be
    the (rarely used) console monitor on her Linux box.
  4. If there are no other symptoms, it may just be what you describe - a buzzing
    or vibrating flyback. The core or windings are vibrating at a
    subharmonic of the horixontal rate.

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  5. You don't live where I live :)
  6. half_pint

    half_pint Guest

    I recently had problems with my TV, buzzing and arcing on the
    HT cap thing, I think hot humid weather is the main case although
    a bit of sticky tape helped. It's only ever been a problem on hot
    humid days of which there are few.
  7. RonKZ650

    RonKZ650 Guest

    Don't use RTV, you can goo 14 tubes of it on and it isn't going to do a thing.
    Get a can of polyurethane and soak the yoke with it. Tape paper ect in all
    surrounding areas, apply some polyurethane until it starts to drain, turn the
    monitor a different dirrection, repeat ect, until you're sure every inch of the
    offending part has been soaked. Wait a few hours, fire up the set to a nice
    quiet yoke. Works 95% of the time on yokes, pincushion transformers, flybacks
    and any noisy part that's open enough to allow fluid to penetrate. Saved me
    gobs of aggravation.
  8. Polyurethane? Do you mean foam? varnish? or what?
  9. RonKZ650

    RonKZ650 Guest

    Polyurethane? Do you mean foam? varnish? or what?

    I guess varnish. I just go to the paint department in the hardware store. Comes
    in all sizes of cans from 4 oz to a gallon.
  10. Ah. Water-based or oil-based type? I have a good bit of both.
  11. Charlie+

    Charlie+ Guest

    On Tue, 3 Aug 2004 03:06:13 -0400, "Michael A. Covington"

    I always wondered about using Cyano for quieting noisy transformers,
    nice and penetrating! Anyone tried this or perhaps a poor idea
    electrically? Just wondering........
  12. Art

    Art Guest

    Yes, and quite effective, unless one has the need to remove the item later
    with application of a soldering instrument. When heated it produces a rather
    nasty dose of cyanide gas, many times of no problem but still will give you
    a nasty head rush. However, when it happens in a confined area, with poor
    ventilation, and in large enough concentrations can and will produce rather
    nasty results. One of my friends passed out for about 20 min when affected
    while doing a repair on a device that someone had glued the devices with
    Cyan based Glues.
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