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buying traffic lights

Discussion in 'Hobby Electronics' started by amstereo, Jan 9, 2004.

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  1. amstereo

    amstereo Guest

    where can i legally obtain traffic lights from, i wish to use them as party
    lights, only need a single tree (one unit with red amber green)

    i'm after actual ones not look alikes.

    any takers? ta.
  2. James

    James Guest

    Aldridge traffic systems...

    They supply both LED & incandescant units. Both come with transformers
    installed for 240v operation. The incandescant ones use a 10V 50W globe, but
    look like they should be exchangable with standard driving light / spot
    light type 12V lamps. In the LED units each light (or phase as its known)
    can be powered from 12V AC or DC no problems and they have a built in
    regulator for each phase. from experiance power consumption is ~1.5A @
    12VDC for red & amber and approx 1.9A @ 12VDC for green. the halogen
    ones...well you can work that out for yourself I'm sure.

    By the much did you say you wanted to spend?...LOL

  3. David Sauer

    David Sauer Guest

    I've seen some pretty decent new ones in cash converters of all
    places, otherwise could try ebay.

    I've got a very large tree here but need some form of chaser for them.
    I've got similar to this without the stand:

    I was given them to use as garden lighting.
  4. amstereo

    amstereo Guest

    I saw that ebay listing, If i have the choice, i'd like to get the ones with
    the glass like diffuser that really makes the light stand out. - i've
    already got a 3 channel flasher that is part of the 'cheap' traffic light
    looking things.
  5. amstereo

    amstereo Guest

    Thanksfor that info, I'm not big on money at the moment, but anywere up to
    $150 for a 2nd hand set, any more than that and I'm pushed to my limits.
  6. ian

    ian Guest

    Hi amstereo, pretty sure I know where there are/was some in Adelaide,
    post back to the group if interested, have no idea of price.
  7. Allan

    Allan Guest

    Also Try the Electrical Dept of your Local Council,
    They sometimes will have old ones they will sell..
  8. Dangerous

    Dangerous Guest

    Ask your local Traffic Department. Most are phasing out older 240 volt globe
    styles for LED technology. Paramount Browns in Adelaide has heaps, are cheap
    (<$10 per lantern), and will mail Australia wide.
  9. amstereo

    amstereo Guest

    thanks for that....
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