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Buying electronic components online?

Discussion in 'General Electronics' started by [email protected], Jul 10, 2004.

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  1. Guest

    It sounds like I turn a wrong turn somewhere. I found the part I needed,
    but the web interface wouldn't let me order less than 2000.


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  2. Guest

    Thank you for your kind offer, sir - I've already found a few closer to home
    on Ebay.


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  3. Roger Gt

    Roger Gt Guest

    : > Bull droppings!
    : > There is a $6.00 handling charge for over seas paperwork, plus
    : > shipping. A $5.00 charge is IF the order is less than #25.00
    : > Those Caps are more than that, so only the $6 and shipping
    : As far as the web interface goes, I picked the cap I wanted, and
    entered a
    : quantity of "5". It wouldn't let me proceed, until I entered
    a quantity
    : of 2000.
    : Perhaps there are ways around this, but the web interface was
    quite clear.

    Well, select the part that is not a Reel lot component! Sort for
    BULK and it will accept the entry for "5" It is really very
    simple to do, jus follow the directions. BTW the part you listed
    showed 0 in stock!
  4. So you posted this to:
    I didn't know the first existed, as pointed out the second one should
    have been killed off years ago, and the third one is really the vital

    Not because can.general is the best place to ask where to buy electronic
    components. But either you are really clueless, or you've posted there
    because you are in Canada.

    That fact is fairly important. Because for a single component, you
    would likely be better off finding a place in Canada. But since you
    didn't say that, and did not indicate where in Canada you are, you will
    not get the optimum answer.

    If you'd said you were in one of the major cities, then likely you'd
    find people in those cities who could tell you the local places. If it's
    not a large city, then maybe someone could point out a place in Canada
    that deals in small orders. Though, as the years proceed that is less
    and less likely. As pointed out, these are really common parts, so had
    you specified where you were, someone might have offered up a capacitor
    right in your own backyard. Without specifying where you are, nobody
    will chime in and say that they don't have the parts, but the local
    amateur radio club is having their fleamarket this week and you might
    find the part there (or is having their fleamarket some months in
    the future, but attending might still be useful). As it is, if
    you are interested in electronics beyond this capacitor, keep in
    mind that the Radio Amateurs of Canada keep a list of such fleamarkets
    in Canada at their site at and such fleamarkets can
    often offer up plenty of useful parts, books, magazines, scrap boards,
    test equipment and other neat stuff for the electronic hobbyist.

    Just about any piece of consumer electronics will have that value of
    capacitor (though maybe not exact voltage, make sure the rating is
    higher than you need), and so that VCR waiting for the garbage will offer
    one up (though you always risk that that particular capacitor is bad).

    And given the larger value, most applications will be filter capacitors
    or bypass capacitors, and the exact value won't be so important. This
    means if you seek mail order because you could only get the next common
    value locally, you could probably make do with what is available.
    Coupling capacitors likewise aren't too critical. Of course, we have
    no idea what you need this capacitor for, so we can't help you in
    suggesting what can be replaced with another value). For that matter,
    if you are stuck on that voltage rating, that may not be an issue either.

  5. Way to go :)) Glad you have got sorted out OK.

  6. On Sun, 11 Jul 2004 06:23:43 GMT, the renowned
    Yup. I usually have one big order for a major project, with maybe one
    small one in advance and one or two afterward. There are always supply
    items that can be added on to bring the small ones up to the 25
    US/32.50 C$ level.

    Sometimes having that virtual stock can save the customer money- I was
    able to go through two iterations of ordering samples (the first was
    auto-cancelled after a week due to a problem with the zip code or
    something) and get the "free" parts from Asia in the same time frame
    as the multilayer board samples took, secure in the knowledge that if
    they didn't show up in time Digikey could provide them overnight for

    Best regards,
    Spehro Pefhany
  7. As far as the web interface goes, I picked the cap I wanted, and entered a
    quantity of "5". It wouldn't let me proceed, until I entered a quantity
    of 2000.

    Perhaps there are ways around this, but the web interface was quite clear.[/QUOTE]

    Look at the packaging- if it is "tape and reel" then the minimum
    standard quantity is one reel, which is probably 2,000 pieces.

    If you're looking for prototype quantities, restrict your search to
    such packaging as "bulk" and "cut tape".

    For example, the Panasonic ECA-1CM221 (P5139-ND) "bulk" 16V 220uF
    radial 85°C is 0.35 US for one, 0.187 for 10 and they have 30,000 in

    They state the standard packaging as bags of 200, but you don't have
    to make things easy for them (and they don't give a price break for
    ordering in multiples of 200). You can order 1,013 pieces and get the
    1,000 piece price on all. You'll probably get something like 5 bags of
    200, one bag of 10 and three individual parts.

    Best regards,
    Spehro Pefhany
  8. Rich Grise

    Rich Grise Guest

    So, should I unsubscribe?
  9. SURE!! There are several EXCELLENT on-line vendors, with great
    service, very low prices, and no minimum order, or small-order fees.

    [I didn't read this whole thread, yet. But most of the few replies
    that I DID see were somewhat rude and sneering, in addition to being
    just plain WRONG. Amazingly, to me, THOSE were the people who jumped
    in FIRST! Geez, people! If you don't KNOW what you're talking about,
    AND you're going to be un-helpful or rude, what makes you jump in

    ANyway: I often buy 10 sets of several hundred components and parts,
    for the Curve Tracer kits that I sell (see ). And I have spent quite
    a bit of time searching for the best electronic components vendors.
    In my case, "best" means a vendor that has: 1) the lowest prices for
    high-quality components, and 2) an inventory that includes as many of
    the components that I need as possible (since ordering from fewer
    vendors saves me time and money, and 3) fast, reliable service and
    delivery, among other things.

    Everyone always seems to mention Digikey, as if they're a great source
    for components. And I can't understand why. I might use them,
    occasionally, if they happen to be the only place that I can find a
    particular part. But typically their prices are outrageous.

    My favorite supplier is . They have a huge
    selection, which has grown considerably in just the last year or two,
    with a catalog that is quickly approaching the thickness of

    But, sometimes, for certain items, it's still better to go to .

    And, of course, if you're looking for some VTL5C2 Vactrol (Analog
    Optical Isolator) components, then you almost HAVE to go to . They also have other interesting stuff, and
    sometimes have good specials. Their service is quite good, too.

    Ebay is pretty good, too, especially for someone like me who actually
    needs to buy large quantities, especially if I can get 100 (or 1000)
    of something for the price of 20. But, in your case, you might want
    to ask about the AGE of any electrolytic capacitors that you're
    considering bidding on, since electrolytics can (and usually do)
    deteriorate while just sitting on the shelf.

    Good luck!



    Tom Gootee
  10. Robert Baer

    Robert Baer Guest

    Regarding deterioration of alumunum electrolytics, i have seen that
    after about 20 years:
    1) the older and long obsolete wet electrolytics deteriated in the 10-20
    year period, mostly because they went dry from the heat by the tubes in
    the radio. Rejuvination was usually possible.
    2) "modern" dry electrolytics usually take about 20 years if used
    sporadically during the first 5 years, and take about 15 years if sit on
    the shelf. Again, rejuvination is usually sucessful (obviously does not
    require replacement of a liquid electrolyte).
  11. nemo

    nemo Guest


    a try.

    They have a retail division called Electromail. It's the same catalogue
    though and they stock a huge amount of stuff.
  12. John Miller

    John Miller Guest


    Where is the $2000 minimum order specified?

    According to the Digikey web site:

    A $5 handling charge is added to your order if the subtotal is less than
    6.5 percent sales tax is added to your order if the shipping address is in
    International orders (excluding Canada) will have a $6.00 processing fee
    added to your order.
    All duties and taxes are the responsibility of the customer.

    I've heard this $2000 bit before....

  13. John Miller

    John Miller Guest

    You probably heard it here, from someone who was looking at prices in the
    "components on reels" section instead of the individual parts.

    The real John Miller
    Email address: domain,; username, jsm

    "Send lawyers, guns and money..."
    -Lyrics from a Warren Zevon song
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