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Buying CMOS board cameras

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by Daniel Kelly \(AKA Jack\), May 19, 2004.

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  1. Hi,

    Can anyone recommend a good supplier for CMOS board cameras? I've found a
    few good suppliers but I want to ensure that I've done an exhaustive search.

    And does anyone know of a wearable AV hard disk recorder that will take a
    digital video input? What I really want is the camera and MPEG-4 encoder
    from a video mobile phone with a 40GB HDD.

    My requirements for the camera are:
    * Low power consumption (<50mA)
    * Good sensitivity (min illumination <4 lux)
    * Low weight (< 30g)
    * Small size (< 40 x 40 x 40mm)
    * Colour
    * Auto gain control, auto white balance, auto iris, auto exposure, auto back
    light compensation

    And ideally the camera will also have:
    * Changeable lens
    * Audio

    Suppliers I've already looked at include:
    * Maplin
    * Farnel
    * Quasar Electronics
    * Rapid
    * RS Electronics

    I really like the OV7910 CMOS colour image sensor.

    Many thanks for your help,
  2. Mark (UK)

    Mark (UK) Guest


    Do you REALLY want to use a CMOS camera? I presume you're trying to keep
    the costs down, because a CCD sensor has much better resolution and
    sensitivity than a CMOS one, the downside is that they are more expensive.

    Yours, Mark.
  3. Hi Mark,

    Cost isn't much of an issue. What is an issue is power consumption. I'm
    building a wearable camera so the weight of the battery is a real issue.
    Using LiPoly batteries I can power a CMOS camera + transmitter for 16 hours
    on <60grams of battery. A CCD camera requires more like 150grams of

  4. dave

    dave Guest

  5. Thanks Dave.

  6. Wim Ton

    Wim Ton Guest

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