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Button Toggle Lights

Discussion in 'LEDs and Optoelectronics' started by Martyn Ball, Sep 18, 2016.

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  1. Martyn Ball

    Martyn Ball

    Jan 2, 2016
    Hey, I want to make a modification to my bike lights, but it would be nice to avoid needing to add extra parts.

    I simply want to be able to flash my headlights twice to toggle a circuit to connect. See the image below, the switch simply provides power to either light depending which side it's switched to allow the main power to flow through the different cables.

    The widely known modification is to bridge the connection from the main power to the low beam, what I want to do is simply put a tiny chip/circuit between that bridge and have it make toggle the connection if I flip my switch quickly twice.

    How would I do this?

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  2. dcac


    Jul 10, 2013
    I would gladly think about the modification but you have to describe better your problem such if you press the switch what do you expect to see? As far I can understand you can make use of a switch which toggles between low and high beam.
  3. Martyn Ball

    Martyn Ball

    Jan 2, 2016
    Sorry if I wasn't too clear.

    Currently it's just a switch which switches from one light to the other. I want to be able to flip the switch twice in quick succession to then toggle a connection between green and yellow as seen in the image above.

    So if I flip the switch from position 1 to position 2 and then to 1 and then to 2 again this connection will be toggled again breaking the connection, if that makes sense?

    So it would be like tapping a button twice which then completes a circuit.
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