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Buss fuse

Discussion in 'Electronic Components' started by Rikard Bosnjakovic, Apr 17, 2005.

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  1. Greetings

    I found a bunch of these in one of my toolboxes:

    At first glance, it looked like some sort of a buzzer (which I was looking
    for). I googled around a bit but did only find manufacturers selling them,
    and did not find any sort of datasheets, references or tip of what these
    components are.

    Anyone care to give a clue?

    Rikard Bosnjakovic

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  2. It's a 315mA 250V Buss Fuse, just like it says.

    Unfortunately, email harvesting 'bots can't read your warning above, and
    continue to harvest your email address. With the unwanted consequences.
    And unfortunately you can't do much about it. Not even collect the
    $250. I wish we all could. Earthlink has a $16 million judgment
    against Howard Carmack, the Buffalo Spammer, but he's in jail for 7

    Its a plug in fuse. Time delay, 315 mA and rated to use at up to 250
    volts. The last time I used these was in Jerrold 12 channel CATV line
    amplifiers inside the cast aluminum boxes on the main trunk lines. The
    fuse holders had a screw on cover to keep them from vibrating out of the
    sockets. I don't know if they are still in production but several
    companies made compatible fuses and I believe they used a common bi-pin
    lamp socket for the fuse socket. These were '70s technology.
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