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burst nicd !

Discussion in 'Home Power and Microgeneration' started by David Williams, Jul 31, 2007.

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  1. -> I have just done something really daft , I left a nicd tool batt on
    -> charge for far to long (no auto shut off on charger) , court it just
    -> after the burst but before the a fire started (nasty black smoke) . I
    -> have left what is left of the pack/charger out side to cool and will bag
    -> remains for trip to waste tip (yes they have a container for nicd), is
    -> there any thing elce I should do ?

    -> fealing silly , samuel c.

    Be very careful when you handle the burst battery. Cadmium is
    *horribly* toxic.

  2. sam c

    sam c Guest

    hi john , when you state "An LD50 dose for rats at 225 mg/kg" I assume
    that means that at that dose 50% of the rats dropped dead .
    I am feeling not quite so worried , samuel c.
  3. You

    You Guest

    Only if you EAT the stuff. when was the last time you ATE any
    Cadmium Plated Hardware????
  4. sam c

    sam c Guest

    once bittern twice shy as they say .
    samuel c.
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