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Burning capacitor, or Why Polyester is Bad For High Currents

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by Tim Williams, Dec 17, 2005.

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  1. Tim Williams

    Tim Williams Guest

    I recall someone asked to see video of a polyester capacitor in the throes
    of death. Well here you go (plus some narration).

    Somewhere around 50kHz. The (smaller) capacitors in question are
    Cornell-Dubilier DME's, 0.1uF 400VDC. As you can see, they are insufficient
    for induction heating service. ;-)

    The load is a single 1/2 x 1" strip of titanium, you can see it glowing up
    to about orange heat (1600°F or so).

    Oh, and this is also proof of concept for the new induction heater circuit-
    I'm using the regulated power supply, oscillator, high and low side drivers
    and a UC3842 flyback converter for the high-side supply (which is regulated
    by an opto, not very long term stable since it depends on CTR, I should fix
    that some day).

    Speaking of which:
    Rise and fall times are on the order of 0.5us, with the sextet of
    STW11NB80's. Gate waveforms are +10V ON, -5V OFF.

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