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Buring and swelling Chips

Discussion in 'General Electronics' started by DJ, Jul 15, 2004.

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  1. DJ

    DJ Guest

    Hi all,
    I am stuck with this problem of a BGA chip getting fried within a
    few seconds of powerup.The chip takes in 2 power supplies.1v for core
    and a 3v3 for i/o's.There are no overshoots or undershoots that i can
    see in the oscilloscopes.The chip is supposed to take a max power of
    1W and current of .7 A at 1v,60 mA at 3v3.
    The chip has worked on the same board for sometime but eventually gets
    burned out or swelling in the package is seen.I have done the power
    sequenceing as per the manufactures requirement but still having major
    I have exhausted all the options i can look into......please help me
    start looking for some thing that can lead me to the problem.
    Can someone tell me where the likly problem can be?.
    The CMOS chip works for a few seconds but goes on getting hot till
    the swelling appears and then the chip is dead.It has a plastic
    package.The chip has a PCI interface.will the overshoot on the signals
    damage the chip so badly?

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