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[?] Bulk tape eraser - doesn't erase DAT tapes.

Discussion in 'Electronic Equipment' started by David Chapman, Jun 18, 2009.

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  1. For security reasons I've been trying to use a Weircliffe BTE200 bulk
    tape eraser to wipe a number of already recorded DAT tapes that I have
    been given. Most of them are data tapes (Fuji DG4-150), and a few are
    digital audio tapes (TDK Studio 124) - all of the same physical size and

    I've been following the instructions for the eraser, and it lights up
    and 'buzzes' appropriately whenever the drawer is slid in, but the
    recorded information on a tape is still there after an erase sequence,
    and quite readable even after the tape has had several more passes
    through the eraser. Unfortunately the company that made the eraser no
    longer exists so I can't ask them for help.

    I'm wondering if a possible reason for this might be that a digital
    recording modulates the tape to such an high level that the magnetic
    particles on it can no longer be randomly rearranged by the tape eraser.

    I could, of course, put each tape back into the DAT recorder and
    overwrite it with 'blank data' but this would take hours and hours in
    view of the number of tapes that I have got, as well as causing a lot of
    unnecessary wear to the recorder itself.

    I don't know enough about this subject and wonder if anyone in this
    NG can explain why the eraser 'doesn't'. I've got lots of these tapes -
    does anyone (in the UK) need any if/once they have been properly erased?

    ATB - Dave
  2. Ah! That explains it then. Many thanks for responding so clearly and
    quickly. Now I must look around and try to find out where I can
    hire/borrow a BIG tape eraser in the SE London area.

    ATB, and thanks again - Dave
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