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Built-in audio playback module

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by Tom Meyer, Apr 20, 2010.

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  1. Tom Meyer

    Tom Meyer Guest

    I am looking for the simplest way to store a single MP3 file (sound
    effect) and play it back in loop mode from _within_ an electronic
    device. IOW not requiring externally connected hardware.

    I have considered analog voice recorders but they are only available
    up to 120 seconds (as kits). I have also seen a system that reads off
    an SD card. Both are relatively expensive.

    Can anyone suggest any alternatives?

    Tom Meyer
  2. Charlie E.

    Charlie E. Guest

    Need a lot more info. How big is your sound effect? How good does it
    have to sound? I am doing a lot of sound files (speech) on a simple
    PIC processor right now, but it used ADPCM, not MP3. MP3 takes a
    little more processing, that might require a DSPic or similiar device.
    Haven't tried that myself, yet...

  3. D Yuniskis

    D Yuniskis Guest

    Hi Tom,

    Does it have to be an MP3? (I think many MP3 decoders are
    Are you just looking for "voice grade" (bandwidth) reproduction?
    I.e., what characteristics can you "settle for" in your data
    representation and reproduction? How deep/long do you want
    to record (or store) data?

    E.g., there are several audio CODECs that are established
    technology -- some even "free" that could be implemented
    to compress the data. If you aren't concerned about the memory
    requirment, you could just store raw samples and push them
    out a D/AC (various technologies available for that choice
    as well).
  4. Have you looked at these ?
  5. Tom Meyer

    Tom Meyer Guest

    Brilliant! Just what I was looking for.

    Now ... if they only made a function generator module like this. Why
    do we keep building the same capabilities over and over again in 100
    different ways when we have this low cost approach?

    Tm Meyer
  6. hamilton

    hamilton Guest

    What "functions" do you want ?

    Using an audio program, you should be able to "build" an audio stream
    that is your exact function.

    Everyone has a different function.

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