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Building a Current sensing circuit using DC-DC converter

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by pyose, Dec 11, 2005.

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  1. pyose

    pyose Guest

    Building a Current sensing circuit using DC-D

    Good Afternoon guys

    As mentioned at the subject, i really have to build the circuit for m
    class project..the problem is i dont know where to start and wha
    components should i buy..maybe someone has the practical circuit
    could refer to or is there any reference from the internet i shoul
    take a look? i really have to start building it right now..than

  2. Jan Wagner

    Jan Wagner Guest

    You mean current sensing /for/ a DC-DC converter? There are many
    ways, for example if you want to measure the switching current then
    a simple toroidal ferrite core with a single winding (lots of turns)
    would do. Feed the current carrying wire through the center of the
    toroid, place a small resistor accross the toroid winding, and there
    you go, output voltage is proportional to the current in the wire
    that goes through the toroid.

    Example coils Sensse.htm

    If you want to sense DC current, a hall effect sensor could do. If
    it doesn't have to be galvanically isolated current sensing, then
    you could also use a series resistor ("real resistor" or just a thin
    ning slab of copper, circuit board trace, etc) which is placed e.g.
    on the ground lead. Then measure the voltage drop accross the
    resistance, typically is some millivolts (U=R*I...)

    If you want to see how to use the current sensing in a DC-DC
    converter, check the application notes for various PWM controllers,
    they usually have example circuits that show current sensing, too.

    For example

    TL494, LM3524, UC3864, ...

    - Jan
  3. JeffM

    JeffM Guest

    Building a Current sensing circuit using DC-DC
    Have your instructor give a class in How to Write a Specification.
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