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buck converter with peak current control

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by [email protected], Jan 16, 2008.

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  1. Guest

    hi all!

    i m building a buck converter with peak current control...
    so...from a sensing resistor that pass my output current and after a
    small circuit i get a voltage that has the shape of the current
    (triangle) and amplitude between 5 and 8 volt...
    the next step is to add a compensation ramp to this voltage...i made
    another circuit that produces this sawtooth wave and i have to add
    then the next step is to get an error amplifier and at the input to
    put a reference for my output voltage (from a zener) and my output
    voltage after a voltage the same level of 5 to 8 volts
    ....and the output of the error amplifier i have to take it to the one
    input of a comparator, and to the other input of the comparator i have
    to put the other voltage with the compensation ramp added...

    this is how it should be done...but i dont know how...
    i mean...i dont know how to setup the error amplifier and how i can
    add the sawtooth to the voltage that is my "current image"...

    if you could give me an example to simulate in spice it would be great!
  2. MooseFET

    MooseFET Guest


    Input1 ----/\/\-----
    Input2 ----/\/\-----+----! \ Comparitor
    ! >
    Input3 ------------------! /

    The resistors combine the two signals before comparing. Usually the
    current sense ramp is combined with the slope compensation ramp and
    then compared to the error amplifier output.

    There is no reason, if the slope is downwards, not to combine this
    with the error amplifier signal before comparison.
  3. moutou

    moutou Guest

    if i understood what you said...there is not difference if you put the
    sawtooth to the output of the e/a or with the current sense
    and how can i have the sawtooth downwards?
    i cannot simulate now...but with another amplifier by putting the +
    input with the ground and the - input with the sawtooth will i get the
    sawtooth going downwards?
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