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Brushless DC Motor

Discussion in 'Electrical Engineering' started by [email protected], Apr 7, 2008.

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    This was talked about deep in another thread. So I thought I'd make one
    that was titled properly.

    After looking at the brushed/commutator DC motor, I can now see have a
    two pole brushless DC motor was considered a DC derivative. The brushed
    DC motor did have a "controller" integrated into the motor. So the name
    of a motor type does consider the controller, at least along this line
    of evolution.

    A lot of disagrams that try to explain motors in simplified ways can be
    misleading. Look at:
    Have you ever seen a magnet that is "all North" or "all South"? Of course
    there is no such thing and the motor is not really built as shown. But I
    wonder how many people might end up thinking there are such magnets when
    they see something like this. It might seem plausible to some people to
    just cut a bar magnet in half.

    This site has a lot of cool pictures:
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