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Bruel & Kjaer 2107 Frequency Analyzer

Discussion in 'Electronic Equipment' started by Ross D Matheson, Jan 22, 2008.

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  1. Are there any here who know this instrument, or know who might know whether it
    could be used for more general audio work, beyond the commented link in this?

    Bruel & Kjaer 2107 Frequency Analyzer

    Thanks! ;=})

    Ross <in nz, not zz!>
  2. Don Pearce

    Don Pearce Guest

    Frankly, you will do a far better, more useful and more accurate job
    with a sound card in a PC. This is really of historic interest only.

  3. (Don Pearce) in
    Well thanks Don!

    It really was just out of interest, (but I am danger of collecting too much
    old stuff already, like valve tech gear & ham transceivers, so appreciated!)
    and I'm already interested in the possibilities of the soundcards I have. Ta!

  4. Adding to Don's very apposite comment, try the RightMark Audio Analyser
    software. It works with any sound card and provides either live measurements
    or you can record the tests and analyse off-line, so to speak.

  5. I have downloaded it recently on a networked XP PC but not yet installed it.
    [and lots of other programs!] I appreciate the advice, and am already
    following it, but I still (for curiousities sake) wondered how much it did.

    Museum material? Or is that even unkind to the museum ... ?

    I thought I might link these comments back to the auction:- for the vendor!

    And viewers.
  6. John Byrns

    John Byrns Guest

    That's really neat, I know something about this instrument but not much
    anymore. Forty odd years ago when I was a young wet behind the ears
    audio equipment designer we had a Bruel & Kjaer test system of which
    this instrument was one part, unfortunately I have forgotten probably
    98% of what I once knew. The system consisted of at least three parts,
    maybe more that I have forgotten about, all mounted in a rack. First
    there was an oscillator like this one, second there was a tracking
    filter which had a fractional octave bandwidth, although I forget the
    fraction, and finally there was a chart recorder. These parts were all
    linked together by a chain drive of some sort IIRC so that they all
    tracked one another for making various measurements. The simplest test
    would be a frequency response run using the oscillator and the chart
    recorder. The chart recorder also worked with a CBS test record for
    testing phono pickups, and I used it in this mode to test a lot of phono

    I'm not sure of what use what the oscillator by itself would be, which
    is what the auction appears to be for?


    John Byrns
  7. I don't know this actual equipment, and the pic isn't high enough res. to
    tell, but it looks like a combined oscillator and audio level measuring
    meter - rather like the Ferrograph test set that we lesser mortals got to
    play with. Which I still use for many things - despite modern devices
    being smaller and more accurate. At least it doesn't have a keyboard or
    mouse. ;-)
  8. It's combined oscillator and selective-level-meter. As Don said, it's
    only of historic interest now, but like most early B&K kit, the build
    quality is superb.
  9. You say only of historic interest but it might be easier to use on the
    bench than setting up a PC there.

    I find my Ferrograph very useful for all number of things - after all it
    was used for audio setting up and measurement in the '80s and those
    standards are still good enough for many things today. Not lab standard
    measurement for sure, but day to day stuff. And it's built like a tank -
    unlike a PC sound card. I'd say the same applies to the B&K.
  10. Bret Ludwig

    Bret Ludwig Guest

    It's a well constructed, benchworthy and easy to use LF selective
    level voltmeter and oscillator and would be a good acquisition for a
    hobbyist with some bench space. I'd like to have it myself but the
    shipping would be killer.
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