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Brother MFC 9420CN Color Laser Printer

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by [email protected], Feb 22, 2010.

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  1. Guest

    I'm trying to repair this multifunction color laser printer / copier /
    fax / scanner. The person who gave it to me indicated it needed a new
    OPC belt. Sure enough, when powered up it gives a message "No OPC
    Belt. Install OPC Belt" Unusual, the normal message is "Replace OPC
    belt". Once I found out how to replace the OPC belt, I discovered the
    belt was already present. And I discovered the tension release pins
    on the belt cartridge were still inserted (they are to be removed
    before installing the cartridge).

    Since a new belt costs in excess of $200, I would prefer to establish
    the cause of the error message before spending that much money. There
    are no obvious pressure or optical switches to detect the presence of
    the OPC belt. Does anyone have any experience servicing these?

  2. circuit

    circuit Guest

    That means the photodiode or whatever they are using to detect the presence
    of the opc belt is not being triggered. Could be toner on the sensor, or
    the release pins may be somehow preventing the detection.
  3. Guest

    Already done.
    'Factory reset?' I've reset the OPC counter, and checking the other
    counters(page, drum, fuser), they all appear to have been reset. Is
    there one I've missed?

  4. Guest

    My idea also. However, the presence of a microswitch is non-obvious,
    and there are no signs of optical sensors present. Or maybe I've been
    barking up the wrong tree. I've been thinking in terms of a detector
    that would be blocked by the cartridge. Perhaps a reflective sensor
    that detects the presence of a cartridge. Thanks, some good ideas.

  5. Guest


    I'll see if I can locate anything. You sugestion of an incorrect
    cartridge is also worth looking into.

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