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Brother MFC 3420C Printer Problem

Discussion in 'Hobby Electronics' started by Kate Fights, I Cry, May 29, 2005.

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  1. After having read the problems faced by Epson printer owners
    I have cautiously decided to write and ask for advice here.

    Printer I own is Brother MFC 3240C

    The printer is just a little over a year old. Purchased in March last
    year and has been through several cartridge changes over the period

    Lately when I print I am noticing occasional missing dots or white
    lines through printed material and sometimes on pictures. I have
    activated a cleaning cycle and that seems to clear things up but
    then the problem returns soon enough especially after printing lots
    of text pages and such.

    I've only recently put in new ink cartridges too.

    So any advice would be appreciated
  2. Lord-Data

    Lord-Data Guest

    Get it fixed. Brother printers are terribly notorious for failures .. we
    sell em at work .. we get proabbly 10x more of those back than any other
    brand ..
  3. Guest

    Get it fixed... hehehe

    I'm about half tempted now to jump up and down on it till
    it goes snap!!!

    They want about $200 to replace the print heads on the
    yellow and magenta cartridge cradles... Yikes!!!!!!!!

    I may as well go out and purchasae a brand new printer
    for that price. That's what they think the problem is
    that the heads are gone.

    I wonder if I'll get better luck with a laser printer.
  4. Harry

    Harry Guest

  5. Guest

    I also have a Brother MFC 3420C

    I am fairly satisfied on the whole, but definitely not with the colour
    cartridge life! I printed precisely two photographs and a few days
    later there was a message that one of the colour cartdriges was nearly
    empty. After a few days (during which no colour printing was done) the
    message told me that the cartridge was empty. The printer then locked
    up and would not print anything (even in black) until this cartridge was
    replaced. Fortunately, I bought all 3 colours as spares because a few
    days later another one emptied and required replacement (no message re
    the third yet). Only two photos is a disgrace. I know the automatic
    cleaning process uses a little ink but that should be minimal.
  6. Guest

    Which goes to show what cunts they are to deal with.

    There's just no way I am paying $200 to fix this machine
    because that's more then 3/4 the cost of buying a brand
    new one..

    I will just wait till July and purchase a canon laser printer
  7. Harry

    Harry Guest

    Just an opinion, but l really think kyocera are the best value laser
    printers available. The toner alone is around 40% cheaper depending on the
    model. I have used them for quite a few years now and swear by them. But
    like l said, just my 2 cents worth.
  8. Lord-Data

    Lord-Data Guest

    Shame it didn't happen while under waruntee .. most Brother issues we have
    at work tend to happen within 12 months .. espially on that model ..

    Officeworks TaxTime sale starts on the 2nd, and will feature both a HP and
    Canon Colour Laser printer at good prices, worth looking at ..
  9. If you do a lot of printing, then Kyocer have the lowest cost per page.
    If you only do occassional printing, then they are very expensive. That
    toner you are buying is really just like a toner refill. Other toner
    cartridges contain the drum, which isn't in the toner cartridge for
    Kyocera. It is a seperate ceramic drum and costs a mongrel if it needs

    So with a Kyocera, you are getting cheap printing until the drum needs
  10. Colin C

    Colin C Guest

    That's the wrong way to look at it. The small OKI and Brother lasers are
    around $200

    The OKI, Brother and Kyocera all take toner only.

    With the Brother HL5140 and its ~$200 smaller model you get 6000 prints for
    around $90 on a drum with a 30,000 copy life. Compare that to an say an HP
    where refilled carts. cost $80 - $90 for 2-3,000 copies with a second hand
    drum. And with the OKI you can reset the drum counter anyway as long as the
    print quality is OK - none of the chip bullshit.
  11. And what are the drums in each of these?
    Caveat, it is over a decade since I really looked in-depth.
  12. Colin C

    Colin C Guest

    I only know the 1540 - around $200 retail on a printer that is $450 retail.
    I paid $350 for mine - a 20 ppm, 16Mb printer. Doubt I'll live long enough
    to put 600 reams through it.

    I have an OKI 8z ( 8ppm) about 5 yo and it costs $30 odd for a refill for
    2500 pages. It is on its original drum with my daughter.

    ( used daughter complaining about printing costs as excuse to get myself an
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