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Broken Voltage Selector on Pioneer A/V Receiver

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by nilknarf, Dec 26, 2004.

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  1. nilknarf

    nilknarf Guest

    I have a Pioneer VSX-3600 A/V receiver. It has two voltage selectors,
    one being a slide switch (110V - 220V) and the other a dial switch
    (220V - 110V - 120V - 240V). During a move, the dial switch got
    completely knocked off the receiver and lost. I think this might of
    had a fuse inside of it. The next time a plugged the receiver in after
    the dial switch was knocked off, I get little power. Only my volume
    knob led is lit. The display does not light and I get no sound from my

    So I'm guessing I need to either replace the dial switch (havn't been
    able to find one), or connect some of the wires leading to that switch.

    There are six wires leading to the dial switch. One wire (blue) leads
    from the switch to a board that contains the voltage coming in from the
    wall. This wire tests at ~ 70V. There are two other wires that test
    around 70V and they lead to the power transfomer. The remaining three
    wires test around 125V and also lead to the power transfomer.

    There is a purple wire that leads to the transformer from the board
    where the voltage comes in from the wall. This purple wire also tests
    ~ 125V. The four 125V wires all have continuity between them and the
    three 70V wires also have continuity between themselves.

    I was thinking about randomly connecting wires to see what would
    happen, but am a bit hesitant to connect two hot wires together.
    Any ideas?

  2. jws63

    jws63 Guest

    Hello. I'm having the same problem. Anybody has any sugestions?
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