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broadband filters?

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by wwwgator, May 17, 2006.

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  1. wwwgator

    wwwgator Guest

    New to the group. Quick question regarding low pass/ filters/traps.

    In our area, they installed broadband, but still offer anaolg cable.
    In a ploy to get us to subscribe to digital cable ontop of the BB, the
    guys I talked with say they don't offer a filter to help block the
    spurious noise seen on the analog TV's while the kids are on the net .

    They used to have "Pico" and "Eagle" traps to prevent premium channels
    in the old analog system, but do they have something for the Digital

    It's been too long since school and the gray matter is slightly
    malfunctioning in the area of RF.

    Any and all help is appreciated,

  2. Maybe, maybe not. The way I understand cable broadband (Google DOCSIS
    for details) is that the companies can allocate channels to analog or
    broadband quite flexibly. If they have gone and stuffed a broadband
    channel adjacent to analog TV channel, one could design a filter to
    block the interference. But you'd have to know what the channel layout
    is first.
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