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British Gas Alarms

Discussion in 'Security Alarms' started by Tech, Oct 22, 2003.

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  1. Tech

    Tech Guest

    Hi, has anyone heard if the new British Gas Alarm systems are worth a look,
    and what panels they use.


    BIG NIGE Guest

    be aware that the British Gas alarm is along the same lines as the ADT.

    you pay a monthly fee for monitoring for a three year contract.
    you pay nothing for the alarm system (but then of course it still remains
    their property)
    the external siren is only a DUMMY.
    at the end of the three years you have to continue paying the monitoring at
    whatever rate they wish to charge you at that time.
    if you do not wish to continue paying they can remove the system if they
    wish.(it is their property)
    even if they dont you have an alarm system that is no good because it is
    incapable of making an external sound.
    theoretically you could ask them to fit an external siren (at whatever price
    they wish to charge) but before doing anything like that you need to get it
    in writing that they will not take back the rest of their system at a later
  3. be aware that the British Gas alarm is along the same lines as the ADT.
    Utter rubbish. British Gas will sell you an alarm system, the system is not
    rented (unless the rent is £1000+ per annum) They are NACOSS approved which
    in theory means the systems are pretty good. I'm currently looking to get a
    system fitted however and wasn't impressed by the system they offered. It
    was very expensive and not very comprehensive. My major fault with their
    system was that they only planned to have one sensor in each room. This
    means to get a confirmed trigger for police response the burglar has to go
    into two different rooms which is always going to happen.

    My advice is to look in the Yellow Pages. Mine had a panel showing all the
    NACOSS approved installers. From them select some of the local dealers and
    speak to them. From my experience they are more willing to talk to you and
    provide better advice, better quality systems and better prices than the
    likes of ADT and British Gas.


  4. Oshiponga

    Oshiponga Guest

    As well as NACOSS it is also worth looking at the SSAIB installers who
    fit systems to the same standard and are often less expensive.
  5. Paul C

    Paul C Guest

    British Gas have them fitted by sub contractors, their own engineers service
    them after the system is installed. They then hope to get a 'Home Response'
    type of service as advertised on their commercial on TV.
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