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Bright Light LEDs for the home

Discussion in 'Home Power and Microgeneration' started by Ed Sebesta, Dec 25, 2006.

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  1. Ed Sebesta

    Ed Sebesta Guest

    I have a breakfast room with ten 40 watt flame tip incandescent bulbs. They
    go in candle type wall fixtures from the 1920s. I am interested in replacing
    them with a lower energy alternative. I have the rest of the house on warm
    fluorescents, however, the torpedoes don't go with these wall sconces. If I
    had art deco fixtures the torpedo style fluorescents would be great, but I

    I have a living room with the same style fixtures, but I don't use that room
    very often.

    Does anyone know anything about flame tip LED bulbs with Edison bases (I
    think that is the right type of base I am looking for) for houses.

    I know it is not necessarily a big payback cost wise now, but I anticipate
    higher prices in the future. Also, energy reduction is also a lot of
    activities and, as you get one item off the list you can get on to the next.


  2. Ok when you say flame tip do you mean candle style bulbs ?
    please also tell us whether these fittings have or could be fitted with
    shades/frosted glass globes ?
    By the way the payback for compact fluorescents will be very short if
    these lights are used very frequently .
  3. An "edison" base is the standard screw-in lamp base used in the U.S.
    (about 1" diameter base).

    The other two types of screw-in bases commonly used are the candelabra
    (about 1/2" diameter) and the mogul (about 1-3/4" diameter).

    LED bulbs for 120vac are still rare and quite expensive for the amount
    of light produced. Do you currently have too much light with 10x40watt
    bulbs? If you would be happy with 4 to 8 bulbs instead of 40, then
    perhaps LED is right for you... Or if you wanted a very, very long-life
    bulb, that might be a reason to go LED. Other than that, go CF.

  4. Ed Sebesta

    Ed Sebesta Guest

    I mean they don't look right. I don't think my posting could be clearer.

    I can do quick and uninformative searches also.
  5. Ed Sebesta

    Ed Sebesta Guest

    In short you have no information about flame tip LED bulbs.
  6. Ed Sebesta

    Ed Sebesta Guest

    You don't have any information either.

  7. George Ghio

    George Ghio Guest

    Well Ed, it is a good bet that what you are asking for do not in fact
    exist. The thing about led lamps is that they are generally "Lensed".

    They shine light in one direction. If you put one in your wall sconce it
    will shine up the wall with very little light sideways. That is the
    nature of a led lamp.

    If you would like to define the lighting effect you want to achieve I
    may be able to help you achieve it. Most likely you will have to modify
    your lamp fittings.
  8. I was attempting to be helpful if you would only let me/us .
    given your rude responses most people (in the ng) would think you are
    just trolling for a fight ! . please do take your bad attitude some
    where else !
  9. LED bulbs will provide much less light than that to which you are
    accustomed. I doubt you will be happy with them but I provided a
    comparison to help you determine your level of satisfaction.

    Furthermore, you were uncertain as to the lamp base you required. I
    provided information to help you determine which you needed.

    If you don't like it, go cry to your momma some more.

    Hopefully that level of directness is more suitable to your lack of
    reading comprehension.

  10. Man, you are pretty insulting (not to mention ignorant) for someone who's
    looking for help.

    You fail to give a decent indication of what you want, but refuse to clarify
    when people ask.

    Suffice it to say, that even if you happened to find LEDs with edison bases
    they wouldn't put out more light for less power than you can get from
    compact flourescents. LEDs work best when you don't _need_ much actual
    illumination (say, Christmas lights...).
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