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Both harddisk fans just stopped ?

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by Skybuck Flying, May 28, 2007.

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  1. Wow,

    I was playing Battlefield 2 full version, when I suddenly smelled this
    really bad burn smell.

    Maybe the smell came from outside... but I decided to check my computer...
    and too my shock both harddisk fans were stopped ?!

    ( I left my computer on the whole night to download stuff with bitcomet )

    What could have caused the papst fans to stop spinning ? They both on 5

    Maybe they don't have enough power to keep spinning...

    Maybe only a little bit of dust can stop them from spinning...

    Or maybe nvidia cards were drawing a little bit more power than usefull.

    I immediatly shutdown the computer, opened up the case, and touched the

    But they were cool to touch...

    If the smell did came from the pc... then maybe from the papst fans

    I also tried to get them spinning with a screwdriver while the pc was on...
    but they refused to start spinning.

    Now I restarted my DreamPC or some may call it NightmarePC for fun =D and
    now the fans are spinning again.

    I'll will play battlefield 2 again to see if it happens again...

    Otherwise I might have to replace them both... with my 2 spare fans ;)

    And some day clean those fucking fans =D

    FANS SUCK :)

  2. 3 theories for ya:

    1. Fans sticky because of dust and fine dust in oil. Don't make any cheese
    jokes please :)

    2. Little green martians invaded my pc and stopped the fans.

    3. A strong wind blew through my computer when there was a draft and stopped
    the fans ;) Could have been a gigant fart from a troll lol.

    I like 2 and 3 best :)

  3. Actually that's not true... I just remembered... the pc was off... hmm..

    I could have sworn I left it on... maybe it shutdown ? or maybe I did shut
    it off myself :)

  4. No wait...

    I did leave it on... I took a nap in the afternoon... so... it was still
    on... that's when it happened.

    In the afternoon... fans stopped... oh-oh.

    Skybuck ;)
  5. meerkat

    meerkat Guest

    Please stop talking to yourself.
  6. Jim Thompson

    Jim Thompson Guest

    You failed Information Theory 101 ?:)

    ...Jim Thompson
  7. Craig Sutton

    Craig Sutton Guest

    I would rather he stop answering himself..
  8. Craig Sutton

    Craig Sutton Guest

    Whoopie doo here's a newsflash for you. You don't even need harddisk fans

    Don't you have enough porn yet?

    Flea shit could stop a fan running on 5 volts

    nope you didn't clean it

    nope nonsense
    Fantastic kill them with static

    They don't need cooling

    not enough juice so once they stop spinning they don't start up again common
    on low rpm fans

    Aliens again

    oh &^*%&%@ we still have you posting in here damn.

    just run orthos and coretemp on it and see if your machine is stable

    Considering all the junk in moronbucks pc I would be looking at how the
    power supply is holding up..

    Might be time for 1000Watt
  9. milleron

    milleron Guest

    Now, now, Skybuck. Please try to remember that this is a Usenet group,
    not a blog.
  10. SteveH

    SteveH Guest

    Or 4 - You're a twat!
  11. Now, now, Skybuck. Please try to remember that this is a Usenet group,
    We are all "blogging" on here and describing our personal computer problems.

    Besides, nobody even reads blogs :p* hehehe.

  12. Augustus

    Augustus Guest

    I would rather he stop talking and posting, period. Years of mindless
    drivel, trolling and "mental" masturbation are the hallmarks of a Skybuck
    post. Number one example of what killfiles are for.
  13. FKS

    FKS Guest

    You need to know the difference between "blogging" and "asking a question."
  14. Jamie

    Jamie Guest

    Mother board support for thermos sense and speed control? A little
    troll in there turning it off on you?

    I remember at one time some one was looking for a way to turn off
    the fans in mother boards that had that support via software.

    You been hanging around the porn sights again?
  15. Hmm,

    Well this time I left my computer on the whole night and this morning the
    fans were still spinning ?!

    Very strange.

    Maybe it's posibility 2 after all, the wind stopped the fans.


    4. Suddenly not enough power, though normally it has enough power....

    Well I have seen the fans not spin up... but I have never seen them just
    stop ?


    I'll keep an eye on them to see if it ever happens again ;)

  16. These two fans are directly connected to the power box if I am not mistaken.

    They are controlled via the powerbox.

    Maybe the powerbox thought the temperatures were cool enough to simply stop
    these 2 fans as well ? hmm.

    Never heard of such a thing but it's possible...(?)

  17. Rich Grise

    Rich Grise Guest

    I just ignore him, but if you feel like getting your panties all in a
    bunch, then go for it!

  18. John Lewis

    John Lewis Guest

    burning smells do not come from stalled PC fans. Too little power,
    even when stalled.
    if BOTH fans stopped spinning, the power supply failed, got shorted,
    there is a flaky power-connection or there is insufficient startup
    voltage (e.g: 12v fans running on 5V is a no-no)....... Electronic
    Hardware 101. Highly unlikely to be either a fan failure or excess
    dust-buildup unless lint was physically jamming fan rotation...
    usually a problem only with the turbine-style fans on high-end video

    John Lewis
  19. Phil Weldon

    Phil Weldon Guest

    'Skybuck Flying' wrote:
    | We are all "blogging" on here and describing our personal computer
    | Besides, nobody even reads blogs :p* hehehe.

    Bogorrhea is a more apt term for your posts. Try posting facts and
    questions in an organized manner. Try to engage usefully in a thread that
    may help other participants.

    Phil Weldon

    |> Now, now, Skybuck. Please try to remember that this is a Usenet group,
    | > not a blog.
    | We are all "blogging" on here and describing our personal computer
    | Besides, nobody even reads blogs :p* hehehe.
    | Bye,
    | Skybuck.
  20. Sorry to hear that,

    I have a different oppinion, I think my posts will help loads of
    people with the same problems and possibly even same motherboard.

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