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Boss GT-6B multiple guitar effects pedal board, 2005

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by N_Cook, Aug 11, 2010.

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  1. N_Cook

    N_Cook Guest

    Two of these known to the owner of this one have shown the same symptoms,
    but never connected together in any way.
    The other one apparently corrected by a factory reset (coincidence?)
    At switch on the display continuously scrolls as though one of the up or
    down bank select pedals
    is active, ie looks like the action of someone continuously turning the
    rotary encoder switch.
    Have taken apart but not reassembled yet , unenclosed .
    Only 0.2mm differentiating first touch to click over of the very basic click
    switches under all the
    foot pedals. The "wah-wah" switch is different action. Is it a stock fault
    of deflecting steelwork/pivot wear/bending pcb/expanding soft inserts?
    causing engagement of these switches, then just washer packings to correct
    for a short time until the problem re-emerges) or something more
    electronic/software or internal rotary encoder problem
  2. N_Cook

    N_Cook Guest

    Not a stuck sw problem. Unlikely rotary encoder sw problem as physically
    rotating it changes the 7-segment display but the auto scrolling error
    function does not. No susceptibility to touching components. Select a
    funtion like tuner and the display stops scrolling and gives tuner display.
    Disconnecting all ribbons except the display one , the scrolling display
    still there so a main board problem seemingly. I suppose ESR caps check is
    first port of call. User manual from Bossus site and schema etc on e-service
  3. Meat Plow

    Meat Plow Guest

    I never had any problems with my GT6. Used it to gig with from 06 to 08.
  4. N_Cook

    N_Cook Guest

    I asked, at receipt, whether this one had been connected to a pc and it had
    not. I've just asked whether it had been connected to a sequencer and so
    maybe the other one had as well, transferring corrupted code. This 6B same
    as the e-service 6 pdf as far as display is concerned , buffers between uC
    and display seem to be operating correctly but still scrolling with the
    switch and rotary board disconnected. No obvious ESR problems, little much
    else to do, check a few V if 6 and 6B agree there.
  5. N_Cook

    N_Cook Guest

    With all ribbons disconnected other than display one I noticed that the
    display stabilised if "digital" fingering of the empty mainboard socket for
    the ribbon that goes to the sw board and pair of analogue mx chips.
    Reconnecting that ribbon the display still scrolled but tugging on the fixed
    end of the ribbon stopped it. Resoldered the ends and display and overall
    functioning seems normal, eg up/down bank buttons function, unlike before.
    Nothing obviously wrong with solder or the crimp? terminals to the wires
    that are also the solder points but something wrong there. Not PbF but
    resoldered all 4 such ribbon fixed ends JIC. As maybe generic Boss problem
    area they are no-name white "Harwin" 0.1 inch type connector system for
    discrete wire ribbons, same crimp? system at the fixed end (inserted into
    the housing then soldered to pcb) and socket end , so standard sockets at
    one end and solderable thru-housing and pcb pins at the other.
    So is it coincidence the other one was playing up the same way and was
    genuinly cured by factory reset or same wiring problem coincidently
    disappeared for the present on that one? Or of course some other
    intermittant problem with this one coincident to fiddling with one
    connector, the repairman's dilemma. Repairing (or not) by divination in

    I've now had word back that both units have only been connected analogue to
    amps and guitars, no midi or digital connections. Not bought from same
    supplier either.
  6. Meat Plow

    Meat Plow Guest

    Well the 6B must have had a USB port if you are talking PC connections.
    Mine had no USB. I don't recall if you could upload new patches using MIDI
    as I never did.
  7. Meat Plow

    Meat Plow Guest

    My 6 suffered road abuse. Was dinged and dented but never failed. Just an
    FYI. Don't think those problems were endemic to the 6 unless their were
    changes made to the 6B.

  8. Phone Roland Service dept, and speak to a person. If it is a common fault
    they will know about it.

    01792 702 701


  9. After making sure, of course, it isn't a power supply issue..
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