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Bose/GM Delco Radio

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by J. B. Wood, Nov 12, 2003.

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  1. J. B. Wood

    J. B. Wood Guest

    Hello, all, and I realize the difficulty in diagnosing a problem via
    e-mail alone. Does anyone have repair experience with OEM Bose radios
    that go by the name of "Silver Series" that were/are installed in GM
    autos? My radio/cassette player in my '91 Chev Lumina Z-34 had been
    developing distorted sound in both the L and R channels for some time and
    has finally failed. During that time you could still listen to the radio
    if you cranked the volume control to max. However, the radio would
    periodically break into an extremely loud whine for which the volume
    control had no effect. Ditto when in cassette player mode. I think the
    problem is in the audio power amplifier section. Your time and comment is
    greatly appreciated. Sincerely,

    John Wood (Code 5550) e-mail:
    Naval Research Laboratory
    4555 Overlook Avenue, SW
    Washington, DC 20375-5337
  2. If this unit is anything like a Bose unit I had in an early 90's
    Honda, the head unit is just a pre-amp. The amps are in the
    speakers. I wound up adding new speakers with small single channel
    amps in-line but was never really happy with the results. I wound
    up replaceing the head unit with another non-Bose Honda head unit
    from a junk yard.

    Dan Rasmussen
  3. JR3611

    JR3611 Guest

    If you do have the amps at the speakers then you will need to replace ALL OF
    THE SURFACE MOUNT CAPS on the amps. They all leak and cause allot of
    problems. This will fix 90% of them. In the 1990s about 80% of all of this
    type of capacitor used a defective material. It was a big story in Taiwan
    over the last few years as to who was at fault for this problem, but in the
    end it the consumer who paid for this error.

    If you use and search for Bose repair, you will find some
    more info.

  4. TCS

    TCS Guest

    That would have been pretty horrible; bose tries to compensate for mediocre
    drivers with equalization and it was probably done in the head unit.

    Sounded tinny as hell, right? Like it had [email protected] instead of a tweeter?
  5. Jeff

    Jeff Guest

    Most likely amp/s however tuner/preamp and head unit
    are possiable problems, model numbers would help.
    I think you tried calling me, sorry I was out.
    The LOUD whine is usually the amp 99% in any OEM
    Bose system, check with a chevy dealer for the location/s
    of the amp/s in that system.... If the antenna plugs into the
    radio then its what drives the amp/s, if not then you have
    a third part, a tuner/preamp modual that drives the amp/s
    Good luck finding a surface mount capacitor in any of
    the above units as another poster wrote, as there are none in there to find,
    well electrolytic anyway.
  6. Jeff

    Jeff Guest

  7. TCS

    TCS Guest

    Sure. What, pray tell, do you suppose it is?
  8. Well, I simplified the story to save typing. Here's the details:

    Original head unit died in my 94 Accord (standard honda head unit).
    Unaware that I needed amplified speakers, I blindly bought a Bose
    head unit off Ebay (had bass, treble controls). Installed easy but
    was real quiet :(. Figured out I needed amps for the speakers and
    tried a pair of cheapo 10W mono kit amps. As I reall, the setup
    actaully sounded OK, not great, when the engine wasn't running that
    is. I had a big noise problem otherwise.

    I was getting ready to chase down the noise when I found an original
    equipment standard head unit at a yard sale. I bought it for $5 and
    gave up on the Bose.

  9. Jeff

    Jeff Guest

  10. Jeff

    Jeff Guest

    Well thats totally different, high level output direct to
    the speakers replaced with a unit that requires an amp
    to drive a speaker.
    The $5 choice was a good one, you could have got the
    lgnition noise out but it would have cost more and had
    less power. Then again if the vehicle had an electric fuel
    pump near an amp you might have been there a while..
    I am not a fast typer so my responces are usually short
    and may lack some of what I would say.
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