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Bose AM7 for home theatre

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by terryd, Jan 9, 2005.

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  1. terryd

    terryd Guest

    I have a Bose AM7 and about to put together a home theatre system. The
    right front channel is not working through the sub. Bose will repair
    for $120 plus shipping. I recently bought 2 additional double cubes
    thinking I would be setting up a system with the 5 double cubes. I am
    somewhat of a novice at audio systems and didn't realize that I
    couldn't safely connect the 2 additional cubes directly to the
    receiver. The Bose system never came close to matching my old Boston
    Acoustics floor speakers but something like that doesn't go with our
    current decor.

    As we are purchasing a Plasma TV, I would like receiver that will
    accept the HD signal from the cable box. The receiver I have now will
    not. Should I stay with the bose system or sell the cubes, toss the
    sub and start over? I need some kind of wall mounted speakers. Also,
    any recommedations for receivers would be great.
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