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Bosch SHX56B06UC dishwasher won't drain

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Dan, May 31, 2007.

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  1. Dan

    Dan Guest

    One month ago, I bought a house with a Bosch SHX56B06UC dishwasher. I'm
    guessing it's 5 or so years old, though I can't find a manufacturing date on
    it. Machine ran fine at 1st, now the pump will not drain the machine. It
    makes noises that sound as though the pump is running, (as when you select
    "cancel drain") but no water exits. Drain line is not kinked. Filters are
    also clear. I'm wondering if these symptoms point to any particularly
    likely problem with this particular machine (maybe they're prone to a
    certain pump clog, etc? Any suggestions appreciated.


  2. Does it wash/spray as far as you can tell? If not, you may have a broken
  3. Dan

    Dan Guest

    Thanks for the reply. Yes, it does spray. I agree the pump seems the
    likely culprit. Since it makes pump-like noise on cancel-drain, I'm
    guessing it's not the electronics that tell the pump to turn on. The thing
    is, I kinda hate this machine's design. It's really quiet, but the rack
    layout sucks IMHO & it's SMALL. If it's a relatively easy/cheap fix, I'd
    probably go for it, otherwise I'd just as soon get another kind.

  4. Ross Herbert

    Ross Herbert Guest

    If the pump runs but doesn't shift the water out the drain hose may be
    blocked. There may also be a drain valve which is blocked. Impellers
    can fail but this is rare in my experience.

    Here is a page describing a similar problem on another Bosch model
    which may be relevant.'t+drain&rnum=2&hl=en#03655920860a169a
  5. Be sure to check the anti-siphon device (probably a small cylinder
    sticking up from the rear of the sink. If it's clogged it will stop
    the dw from draining.
  6. Dan

    Dan Guest

    Bennett-Thanks for the reply. I'm familiar with air breaks, but this
    machine isn't set up with one. Apparently varies by local code. The drain
    hose is looped & attached up high, which also serves as a siphon break in
    the event of a sink flood.

  7. Dan

    Dan Guest

    Thanks Ross, I searched "bosch dishwasher won't drain" and varients, saw a
    couple post (mostly also in the UK, oddly... ) but not that one. I removed
    the left panel as described & the plug became immediately visable through
    the transparent manifold! Easily fished out w/a bent paper clip! THANKS!


  8. There's usually a solenoid valve that switches the pump from spray to empty.
    I'd look at that.



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