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Discussion in 'Hobby Electronics' started by Rudolf Ladyzhenskii, Aug 31, 2004.

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  1. Hi, all

    Anyone knows of an easy way to create a bootable CD for MS-DOS?
    I want to create a disk with diagnostic applications and utilities. All
    applications are running from MS-DOS.

  2. wozzr

    wozzr Guest

    See this at aus.computers
    Subject : ms-dos622 on cd
    there are a few suggestions there.
  3. Unbeliever

    Unbeliever Guest

    Try this, Rudolf,

    And get the required boot disks themselves from

  4. Dave

    Dave Guest

    Does it _have_ to be DOS?

    Have a look at for info on building a Barts
    Pre-Installation Environment CD.

    This will allow you to run many Windows based diagnostics, (Norton,
    Fix-It, ERD, etc), network access, read/write access to NTFS/FAT volumes
    and more.

    Lot's of plugins for various free/commercial programs can be found here:

    As well as just search the net for 'BartsPE' or 'BartPE', (people forget
    the 's').

    Otherwise just check out, Bart is a champion at
    bootable CDs, (he gave up creating bootable DOS diagnostic CDs after
    discovering the Pre-installation Environment).

    And has more info on a Emergency boot CD.

  5. KevinR

    KevinR Guest

    Look out for something called Hiren's boot CD. It is the dogs bollox
    it has masses of utilities, everything you could wish for, including
    It's all p1rated software of course, but if you can live with that
    then you're laughing.

    You can't actually download it from that site, but at the bottom of
    the page is a link which will search google for it.
    I often see it in binary news groups and bit torrent sites.

    It's dead easy to use, when you boot up on it it has a menu and you
    just select what you need.

    Kevin R

    Mr TUBEAMPS Guest

    get your dos start up floppy disk
    and make shore you have fdisk and format etc
    on it.
    if not add them with nero.
    put your floppy in drive A:, then run nero version 6
    or 6 ultra, click on data icon in the menu, goto the
    boot pulldown and click inable expert setings, then
    goto pulldown ISO, open character set choose DOS
    then hit nero express button, goto data pick bootable
    disk, then next, check your read disk is a:drive, click
    next then burn cd. when it ses add files add your fdisk etc.


    Mr TUBEAMPS Guest

    add the extra files that run on ms-dos to
    a temp directory and use it to add your files
    to the boot cd.
    keep the floppy disk in drive A: when burning, your
    boot image comes from it.

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