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Boost converter + PWM +capacitor + many LEDs

Discussion in 'LEDs and Optoelectronics' started by gmen, Nov 24, 2016.

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  1. gmen


    Nov 24, 2016
    I am designing a space constricted projected powered by a Li-Poly battery. In order to cover a moon shaped surface with LEDs, I use many 30x10mm COB LEDs @ 12V. These LEDs are way stronger that what I need though. I am going to control them with an arduino compatible microcontroller + power mosfet at a PWM of maybe....25% duty cycle.

    Now, the boost converter module has an output current capability of about 50% of what the LEDs need in full operation. I guess that will pose problems, right? Can this be solved by using a capacitor in parallel with the boost's output and before the PWM mosfet, so that during pwm off tyhe capacitor gets charged, and during pwm on it assists the power module?
  2. BobK


    Jan 5, 2010
    Run half the LEDs for 25% of the time, then the other half for 25% of the time then all off for 50% of the time.

    Edited to add: Or, if the boost converter has a current limit, set the current out of the boost converter to be 25% of the current the LEDs full requirement and run them without PWM.

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