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Books On Building Studio Monitor Speakers?

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by WE THE PEOPLE, Jan 19, 2005.

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  1. What's a good book for designing your own studio monitor speakers?

    I was wondering if you knew of any diy projects to build studio monitor
    speakers like the mackie hr824: or
    other types of pro monitor speakers?

    I'm putting together a home-recording studio and all I'm missing are the
    monitor speakers. I'd like to get the mackie hr824 or higher end products,
    but I can't afford them.
    Would you know of any resources which could help me build monitor speakers
  2. Bob Masta

    Bob Masta Guest

    I haven't been following this issue for a number of years, but
    one method that used to be popular for studio monitors
    was near-field monitoring. The basic idea was to use a
    pair of small speakers sitting right on top of the mixer
    console, a couple of feet from your head. Even big
    studios were doing this, not to save money but because
    the engineer heard more of the mix and less of the room.
    That was before computer sound systems, and the
    monitors they used were of the sort called "bookshelf"
    speakers. I think they had 6 or 8 inch woofers and
    maybe tweeters, no midrange drivers. I suspect that
    today's decent computer speakers would do a pretty good
    job in this capacity.

    Best regards,

    Bob Masta

    D A Q A R T A
    Data AcQuisition And Real-Time Analysis
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