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Book recommendation

Discussion in 'Home Power and Microgeneration' started by v-man, Sep 30, 2004.

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  1. v-man

    v-man Guest

    I am new to alternate energy for homes looking to learn. Is the following
    book any good?

    Power With Nature: Solar and Wind Energy Demystified

    Does anyone recommend any other books for a beginner. I have a background in
    computer engineering so technical books are good for me too even though I am
    new to the field.

  2. wmbjk

    wmbjk Guest

    There's a staggering amount of information available on the web about
    solar and wind energy, so there's no need to buy a book unless you
    prefer paper over a monitor. Below are some links to web sites. You
    might give each a quick look, and then tell us what else you'd like to
    see. From those comments we can point you to additional sources.

    solar faq

    wind faq

    wind turbine manufacturer's faq

    Home Power Magazine - current issue is a free download, back issues
    available with scads of example systems

    Home Power Magazine's basic education section

    One supplier's section on basic education including many additional
    tech doc downloads

    Another supplier's basic education section and faq

    Independant, comprehensive site with encyclopedia

    Independant site, massive amount of DIY info on solar tracking and
    much more

    National Renewable Energy Lab, research

    A program to model your specific system

  3. v-man

    v-man Guest

    Thanks for the links. But even though I work in computer imdustry I still
    prefer books over monitors. I like to carry them when I go backpacking or
    hiking for a good read. I will try the websites though in the mean time,
    maybe I'll just print them out : ).
  4. wmbjk

    wmbjk Guest :)

    More seriously... have you thought of a pocket pc pre-loaded with site
    content? I was amazed at how well they work with Ebooks.

  5. v-man

    v-man Guest

    I have a new IPAQ pocket PC. The higher model that I haven't started using
    yet. I'll give the EBook a shot.

  6. Guest

    You might print mine... just over 3000 pages :)

  7. wmbjk

    wmbjk Guest

    Highly recommended. Should format easily to fit onto a small screen if
    one wanted to save ink. A read that could easily last for the duration
    of a long hike, even if it was a winter trek over the Donner Pass. As
    a bonus, it contains valuable lessons for cargo-cult authors, such as
    the importance of putting reason ahead of faith, and the value of
    having more pages than chapters. :)

  8. George  Ghio

    George Ghio Guest

    Enregy from Nature

    Staring at the Sun

    My book on cd. Print friendly. Basic solar power for beginners. Includes
    spreadsheet for sizing. Contents page by request (PDF)

    If you prefer to go technical there is the textbook 'Introduction to
    Renewable Energy from the Swinburne University of Technology. Sorry I do
    not have the contact details.
  9. George  Ghio

    George Ghio Guest

    My book is a pdf document. Should work just fine for what you want.
    Beats the hell out of sifting through thousands of pages just to get the
    same info. It is also print friendly.

    George Ghio
    Solar Power Consultant
  10. Steve Spence

    Steve Spence Guest

    Who did you plagiarize this time, George?
  11. George  Ghio

    George Ghio Guest

    You lie almost as badly as Wayne.
  12. Steve Spence

    Steve Spence Guest

    I'm sorry, where did I lie? I just asked a question......
  13. George  Ghio

    George Ghio Guest

    OK implied lie. Same thing. I have never plagiarized anybodys work.

    When did you stop beating your wife.
  14. wmbjk

    wmbjk Guest

    Whatdya' know, with the hundreds of books and web sites available,
    once again George (and only George) claims that *his* book happens to
    be exactly what the guy needs. Wonders never cease.
    The *same* info? LMAO Yeah, that's the Internet for you.... the same
    70 pages repeated over and over. And why would the guy want any of
    that other stuff (like tracking info) that you've already decided he
    doesn't need.
    A "book" that needs printing... interesting concept. You might have
    devoted the time instead to making it reviewer friendly.

  15. Steve Spence

    Steve Spence Guest

    Ah, but you lied when claimed I plagiarized your work. Since you claim your
    info is the same as found elsewhere, I assumed you were either lying, or
    plagiarizing, again.
  16. George  Ghio

    George Ghio Guest

    Let's tell the truth.

    I SAID that the SS was a very poor job of reverse engineering of a good,
    simple ss.

    Plagiarizing was not mentioned(except by you). Poor work was.

    The SS I give out (Free) was the basis for the one in question. I wrote
    the SS on my first computer. 10 years ago.

    IF someone wants to use it or copy it, put it on a site that is fine by
    me. IF they turn it into a dogs breakfast I will say so. The copy linked
    to your site is/was a dogs breakfast.
  17. wmbjk

    wmbjk Guest

    Good idea, let's see how it works...
    That is what you said, but it was just your paranoid opinion. The
    truth is that despite quite a lot of "writing", you weren't able to
    convince a single reader that your opinion was valid (same-old
    same-old). At that point an intelligent person would allow for the
    possibility that his opinion was wrong, and either apologize or at
    least shut up. Repeating the claim only reinforces your rep as the
    lone twit. Here's an idea for you - take the energy you waste on
    thinking up crap, and put it into a part time job instead. Use the
    income from that to hire someone to proof read your posts for

  18. George  Ghio

    George Ghio Guest

    Funny how it all went very quiet when I put both spreadsheets up

    The real giveaway was the temp. conversion chart.

    When you can document your system then you can have an opinion.

    Trouble is that if you document your system it will match my analyses of

    Rock and a hard place. Eh.

    I suggest you avoid the following subjects:

    Solar Power

    Wind towers



    Fenceing (with swords)


  19. wmbjk

    wmbjk Guest

    If you'd persuaded anyone, they'd have said so. Maybe you believe
    you're enough of a jerk that no one would ever admit agreeing with
    you? Can't imagine why you'd think such a thing!
    And I suggest you avoid any and all opportunities to prove you're not
    a BS artist. Oh wait, that's what you've been doing....

    BTW, I loved the mention of "fenceing". Helps to understand the
    workings of the Ghinius mind. So now you're the Zorro of Usenet as
    well? LOL Calling Dr. Freud! Although, considering your spelling
    blunders, perhaps you were thinking "the Zero of Usenet"....

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