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Bonaire Airconditioners. Dual Cycle (outdoor) (continual failures)

Discussion in 'Troubleshooting and Repair' started by Stephen Fitton, May 28, 2014.

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  1. Stephen Fitton

    Stephen Fitton

    May 28, 2014
    Having had this experience for five years with no satisfactory repair it became obvious their was a design fault or faults attributed to this unit.
    To effect satisfactory repair please refer this information to an AUTHORIZED_REPAIRER .
    Initial problem was traced to
    1) Overall condensation shorting electrical components.
    2) Capacitor mounted vertically (Catching/Shorting) with condensation
    3) The arrangement of power in insulation block connected PNE.
    4) The arrangement of (3)allowing direct shorting of P&N (Burn-out of wires-Insulated Terminal)Plastic.
    5) Non activation of RCD as no connection was made to earth (Mains Earth Neutral ) Link

    To effect proper repairs the following is recommended as now done several months without failure .
    Order from official supplier
    1x New type starting capacitor (To be installed upside down with double bracket support.)
    1x New Main board (To be triple tropicalized front side and back) (Protective spray coating)
    1x Ceramic mains connector 20-40 amps ( Paint screws matching wire colours)(Heat- or circuit intervention/detection.
    1x TO-MAKE/BUY Backing plate non conductive screwed to sub-frame same position for connector -Ceramic
    (Note)-Add rebate (Deep Grove) around( Backing Plate)to redirect water away.
    (NOTE) -Connect mains wires with earth in center position (Safety switch will NOW work).
  2. davenn

    davenn Moderator

    Sep 5, 2009
    Hi Stephen
    welcome to the forums :)

    Interesting set of problems
    Hopefully some one else will find the info useful

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