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Bluetooth or WiFi DS cards for offline use?

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by Joerg, Dec 25, 2012.

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  1. Joerg

    Joerg Guest

    Hi Folks,

    Hope you all have a great Christmas day. And easy on the eggnog there :)

    In 2013 I'll have to document lots of experimental setups with photos
    and movie clips that'll go back and forth between remote team members.
    The usual cable-download into the computer or removal of the SD card is
    a bit of a hassle for that. Since cameras are notoriously stone-age when
    it comes to RF, is there a Bluetooth SD card or something that fits and
    works well?

    All I found was some with Bluetooth SD cards that are longer than
    standard which of course is a non-starter in a camera. Then WiFi ones
    that require a cumbersome path through some proprietary server (I really
    don't like that), such as this:
  2. Joerg

    Joerg Guest

    Sorry, I meant "SD cards" in the subject line.
  3. hamilton

    hamilton Guest

    Google "ez Share Wi-Fi Wireless SDHC"

    I wonder how these work.

  4. Joerg

    Joerg Guest

  5. hamilton

    hamilton Guest

  6. hamilton

    hamilton Guest

  7. Joerg

    Joerg Guest

    Are you sure? Got a link with some details? I have read a lot of grief
    about this requirement of Eye-Fi to connect to a proprietary web server
    (which seems to fail at times):
  8. hamilton

    hamilton Guest

    Yes, any thing with "Eye-Fi" is proprietary.

    But, these are ez-Share WiFi.

    About 2/3s the way down the ebay page shows how to connect the ez-Share
    card to your WiFi enabled device.

    I just ordered one, but I won't get it for 3 weeks.

    I'll post what I find then.

  9. mike

    mike Guest

    I bought one of these 4GB, but not the X2 version, at an estate sale for
    a quarter.
    It was corrupted, so I followed the instructions to delete the contents
    and reload the software. Problem was that the super-special card
    reader is required to program it. Since that was missing, I got to
    the installation step and got caught in the doesn't have software
    so you can't load software loop.
    My SDHC card reader can read/write the flash, just not reload the the
    app. Lots of google hits on the problem. I tried extracting
    the software from the installer. I even substituted
    the VCC for more current and diddled with the status lines without success.

    Customer service was sympathetic, but had no way to supply
    or reload the control app without running the installer.
    They claim that you should be able to use most any SDHC card reader...
    emphasis on "most". I only had half-a-dozen to try.
    They even offered to send me the special card reader. I declined
    as it wasn't fair to hold them accountable for my wasted quarter ;-)
    I don't have a camera compatible with SDHC anyway.

    Bottom line, after much research, I had myself convinced that with
    the firmware loaded, you could use the usb and their app to configure
    the card to talk to any wifi connection. After that, it should be
    automagic in the camera.

    I thought I was gonna use it for remote data logging.
  10. hamilton

    hamilton Guest

    I am more interested in the WiFi part.

    If that can be made to work in an embedded system, that would be lots
    more fun.

    I would guess its DHS trying to justify their existance.

    But, that would make me cynical.

    I would also guess, everyone wants cheap stuff before the cliff gets here.

  11. Joerg

    Joerg Guest

    Quote "Safari/IE/OPERA/Chrome/UC". I hope you aren't using Firefox like
    I do :)

    Then quote "Searching Hotspot name ezShare" ... so, appears to be the
    same sort of proprietary stuff under a different name.

    Anyhow, good luck, and let us know.
  12. Joerg

    Joerg Guest

    I have Dropbox. And how do you propose the pictures and movie clips land
    there in almost realtime?

    It's got nothing to do with lazy but with fast sharing, in cases where a
    web cam simply can't cut it. Like microscope pics which I am going to
    have to share a lot.
  13. Joerg

    Joerg Guest

    That's exactly the kind of unneseccary fiddling and twiddling I want to
    avoid. Why could they not simply design it without this registration
    nonsense and in a way that it simply works?

    I think there's better solutions for that. Check out Digi. Ok, not for a
    quarter :)
  14. hamilton

    hamilton Guest

    It has been sites like this that make me think differently:

    "An ezShare device, ‘in the shape of an SD card’, allows camera owners
    to instantly share their images without needing the internet. "


    "Up to three users can simultaneously connect to the WiFi network
    created by ezShare for simultaneous sharing and downloading of images."

  15. linnix

    linnix Guest

    If it's the same as the PQI Air Card (Wifi w/ micro SD slot), it's a web server with fixed unchangeable IP However, it makes little sense for the camera to be a web server. I would wait for someone else's product as a generic WiFi client.
  16. hamilton

    hamilton Guest

    Ii think the idea was to not need special software on the
    tablet/phone/PC to get the data from the camera/card.

    I'll have to look at the POI next.

  17. Joerg

    Joerg Guest

    That page looks like a copy of something written by a marketeer. Good
    luck, maybe you get it to work.

    I don't really want to have to log onto an adhoc network for this. It
    really can't be so difficult to make such as device visible in a regular
    WLAN or via Bluetooth. So I'll probably wait until some company figures
    it out.
  18. Joerg

    Joerg Guest

    So have I. That's easy. It becomes much less easy when you have to share
    experiments in progress with people, stuff where fine resolution is
    needed. Under a microscope and so on. This is what I am after.
  19. Joerg

    Joerg Guest

    That may take Jan a long time and numerous groans. Coming down the pole
    OTOH can be done really fast :)
  20. mike

    mike Guest

    I don't think it's something that can be figgered out.
    If you wanna work in the existing environment, you gotta emulate
    a file server/router with DHCP server and the whole nine yards.
    The SD slot in a camera simply can't supply enough power to run that.
    And the network gets really unhappy if the network controller node
    keeps falling asleep.

    I can't find a link, but I think I remember reading about cameras
    with built-in wireless that may do what you need. There were some
    ads for the microsoft coffee-table pc showing you could just set your
    camera on the display/table and it would display your pictures.
    They do that kind of thing regularly on TV like "Hawaii-Five-O".
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