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Bluetooth chips question

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by Je-Rock, Sep 5, 2006.

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  1. Je-Rock

    Je-Rock Guest

    I am going to build a board to hook up with my PDA(bluetooth enabled).
    Some one have experience with this? I need to find some bluetooth chips
    and antenna.
    Any advice will be appreciated!
  2. Yep there is a guy here called Boki, really helpful dude, and we've
    help him a lot, sort of

  3. *snort*!

    Very funny :)

    A less flippant replay is to suggest a module (using a bare chip is *not* for
    the fainthearted). Google for somewhere to buy a module with programming

    Typically, you get a module with power, digital and perhaps analogue I/O,
    antenna and supply connections. You then somehow put custom software on this
    module (or add a microcontroller on the board and speak to the bluetooth module
    using some serial protocol). Simple as that! Builing your own module is tricky.

    Best Regards

  4. vasile

    vasile Guest

    A bluethooth transciever is a RF chip running in 2.4Ghz ISM band.
    Except the transciever itself you need also a PA and probably a
    microstrip antenna.
    It's a big project and require the availability of RF tools as spectrum
    analyzer, eventually a network analizer for antenna caracterisation and
    a lot of time, base knowledge and software (of couse it needs some
    logic too...)
    There are many producers of bluethooth transcievers, most of them are
    keeping designs on secret and require a NDA signed by an user company.
    If you are just an amateur will be difficult.
    So, if you don't match all criteria above, better play with zigbee,
    it's easier.

  5. Guest

    Sparkfun has the answers you seek, they have everything bluetooth


    antenna suff


    forum to ask questions
  6. Please note that it's 'analyser'. The spelling you use indicates that
    the network is fundamentally inserted.
  7. Nico Coesel

    Nico Coesel Guest

    TDK sells a ready-to-go kit which implements a bluetooth serial
  8. Nico Coesel

    Nico Coesel Guest

    Is there some rule about the 's' and 'z'?
  9. I didn't notice that. Yes, 'analyser' is usually used in British
    English, and 'analyzer' in US English. There are no rules; it's all down
    to usage.

    But in general, 'z' is correct, except for a few words, such as
    'comprise', 'surprise' and 'advertise'. Apart from those, the 's'
    spelling was invented in Britain by some newspaper editors in the 1920s
    and isn't etymologically correct.

    I normally use 'z', because it's used in IEC standards.
  10. It's not the s or z. It's the difference between anal and analyse.
  11. That would be Ezurio now.
    Very nice modules, we use them quite a lot.

  12. vasile

    vasile Guest

    I used "analizer" because that is called in romanian language,
    english is just a language I've learned at school, 25 years ago.
    Of course it looks in english "analyser" is the most frequently used.

  13. A lot of FSU dictionaries have errors. Often the first English word is one
    which is never used. Search for the meaning of 'Anal'.
  14. Phillips BGB203/1 SIP Bluetooth Chip, with a surface mount 2.4Ghz Antenna?

    [Both available from Digikey]

    Almost all you need, take a look at the shortform datasheet. [Google]
  15. Oh warning, tiny 7x8mm HVQFN chip :)
  16. Gack! It's got a 32-bit ARM processor with 268k of flash and 40k of
    RAM in that little package. The new 8051?

    Best regards,
    Spehro Pefhany
  17. Guest

    do you know where the full datasheet is? can't find it anywhere, thanks
  18. The shortform really should be all you need.

    I'm pretty sure the units available from Digikey only have the SPP (Or
    whatever their own brand of the acronym is...) profile on it.

    I should probably connect up the JTAG and see what else I could do with
    it....when I have time :(
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