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Blue backlit LCD modules

Discussion in 'Hobby Electronics' started by NK, Dec 21, 2004.

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  1. NK

    NK Guest

    Hi all,

    Just wondering if anyone knows where I can get 16X2 blue backlit lcd
    modules in Australia at reasonable prices?... Farnell and RS seem to be
    amazingly expensive for these units :/

    Cheers :)
  2. **I used to buy mine from Koloona. Dunno if they still do them.
  3. NK

    NK Guest

    Thanks for the lead, unfortunately it doesn't seem like they deal with
    them anymore :( Just out of curiosity do you remember what price range
    you were paying?
  4. **About 10 Bucks for the non-backlit and about 14 bucks for backlit. It was
    10 years ago, so I guess they're a bit cheaper now. I was buying in 100 off
  5. Caliban

    Caliban Guest

    Take the manufacturer's name from the Farnell catalogue part and email
    them direct after finding their contact details with Google.
  6. wiredmonkey

    wiredmonkey Guest

    No luck with these modules... the only person I found was on ebay and
    did a minimum of 100 ... a bit overkill when i need 1 :p As for the
    Farnell suggestion, the supplier didnt seem to have an agent in Aus and
    was based in Thailand... any other hints?

  7. Most backlit LCD displays actually have two rectangular LEDs on each side of
    the LCD. I guess you could remove them and add your own blue leds.
  8. Why not have a go at backlighting a display yourself ? Rockby
    Electronics in Melbourne ( have some 16x2
    non-backlit displays for $6.50 each - give them a call and see if the
    PCB's have the necessary pads for the backlight control.

    Then get some blue surface mount LED's (Jaycar have them as a DIY phone
    'upgrade' kit) and try wiring them behind the LCD panel.

    Worst case it's a cheap experiment.

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