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blown fuse in sub-woofer

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by heckubiss, Aug 17, 2003.

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  1. heckubiss

    heckubiss Guest


    After the major power outage we had I realised that my sub-woofer was
    not working. I am not sure if it was because of the outage or if it
    happened before and i just didnt realise it since i didnt have the
    volume to high..

    anyhow, i replaced the fuse and turned the power on but the power
    light still does not light up and it doesnt play. what else should I
    look for?

  2. Maybe an internal fuse has gone?

    Unusual, but you never know. It's probably a small glass or ceramic
    one if it is, but you'll have to take the sub apart (take the amp from
    the box) to see. You'll also get a chance to seee if there are any
    obviously burnt out components that may have gone as well.


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  3. heckubiss

    heckubiss Guest

    I noticed that after replacing the fuse, plugging the power cord, then
    turning on the amp, with no imputs the fuse immidietly gets blown

    I opened the amp and saw nothing suspect.

    how could this be!??
  4. David

    David Guest

    By replacing the fuse and not first determining what caused it to blow, you
    likely caused further damage each additional time the fuse blew. The fuse
    is there to prevent a fire in case of an excessive current draw inside the

    If you are not equipped and trained to properly troubleshoot an amplifier,
    you are probably better served to take the unit in for repair or at least an
    estimate so you can decide whether to fix or replace.

  5. John b

    John b Guest

    don't know. maybe you need a slo-blo fuse rather than the fast one

  6. Tweetldee

    Tweetldee Guest

    It's pointless to keep replacing the fuse and expecting it to start working.
    Whatever is making the fuse blow hasn't been fixed. Until the fault is
    repaired, the fuse will continue to blow. It ain't gonna fix itself!!
    Most of the time, faulty electronic components look just like good
    components, that is there is no visible difference between good and bad
    components (unless the component overheated and/or burned). You need the
    proper test equipment and know how to use it in order to distinguish between
    good vs. bad components.
    You need to take the advice of an earlier poster and take the unit to a
    qualified repair shop. They should have the equipment, knowledge and
    experience to properly troubleshoot the unit and replace the defective
    components. Only then will the fuse stop blowing.
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  7. jakdedert

    jakdedert Guest

    Hey, there's always the old 'smoke test.' Replace the fuse with a solid
    piece of metal...1/4" bolt works well.

    Turn it on, stand back and plug it in...25' extension cord and some sort of
    blast shield (at least 1/2" plexiglass is advised) are good accessories for
    this test...whatever component(s) blow(s) massive amounts of smoke--or
    explodes--is likely the culprit. Never mind that you'll also take out
    several associated parts as well. Most'll be nicely 'marked' with
    scorches...makes for easy identification of blown/defective components
    (although hinders identification for replacement purposes)...some may even
    remove themselves from the circuit board--explosively.

    At this point, find/indentify/replace all the missing/charred pieces and
    power up with a proper fuse...above safety accessories are advised at this
    stage as well. Also, some traces on the circuit board itself may now be
    missing--replace with at least 16 gauge wire.

    If it blows again, you missed something...

    ....OR, you can use accepted troubleshooting techniques, ID the problem which
    is causing your fuse to blow and repair same. Better yet, get some
    assistance from someone who knows what they are a repair

    Or chuck it into the trash.

    Your choice.....

  8. Not always the case. Sometimes fuses weaken with age, and a
    replacement is all that's needed. This has happened to me many a time
    in various types of equipment, but should the fuse blow a second time,
    then investigation and repair is required.

    Sometimes you can use a larger fuse to blow the fault clear and make
    fault finding easier or more obvious - the cause has blown itself to
    pieces. :O)

    Depends on the piece of kit of course, and what's inside it.

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  9. I know what you said, I just pointed out that sometimes fuses can blow
    due to age. Why so upset??
    Why is replacing a fuse once if all else appears OK brute force? Read
    my comments again slowly, and you'll see that I said:

    "but should the fuse blow a second time, then investigation and repair
    is required."

    You obviously didn't read my post properly and have gone all
    LOL, you're really upset aren't you? :O)

    At no time would I deliberately cause more damage. If you'd seen the
    smilie you'd have realised it was tongue in cheek, but on larger
    electrical (not electronic) equipment it can actually work. You have
    be aware of what's inside the kit. Read my comments again slowly and
    you'll see I said:

    "Depends on the piece of kit of course, and what's inside it."
    Well, yes I have thanks. Being on call-out having to repair equipment
    at all hours to prevent major service failures has given me a lot of
    experience in fault finding and repair. I can assure you that if I was
    unable to find faults and complete effective repairs I wouldn't be in
    the same job for over 20 years and still on call-out now would I? :O)

    Think calming thoughts and have a glass of hot milk before bedtime.

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