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blowing power supplies ;(

Discussion in 'Electronic Components' started by ltj, Apr 20, 2004.

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  1. ltj

    ltj Guest

    I have two Phihong 9V 1.67A open frame supplies that I've managed to blow...
    they now have no output except some mVs pulsing every few seconds.
    (Mouser# 552-PSA-15LN3-090).

    I tested them on the bench and they were initially fine. They seemed to die
    when I was attaching AC to them. I say this because it was all working
    fine, I unplugged it to work on other things then plugged it back in and got
    nothing at that point. There was no load attached at the time. The other
    one I never got to work (except on the bench).

    The factory power was running 127VAC and is probably noisy but everying else
    we hooked up runs fine including a similar 5V Mean Well open frame supply.

    Any thoughts or suggestions on what could have caused this and how to avoid
    it in the future?
  2. Many switchers will fail to run (or trip a crowbar or other shutdown
    circuit) with no load...
  3. ltj

    ltj Guest

    Would what you described cause permanent damage?

    It is rated at 0-1.67A. Does this means it is "ok" with no load?

    I just realized that the enclosure might not have been grounded properly. I
    had no ground when bench testing and it ran fine. Perhaps it matters out on
    the floor?

  5. none

    none Guest

    Wow! Did your lips get burnt?
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