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blower fan motor question

Discussion in 'Electrical Engineering' started by Ken Hilson, Nov 24, 2003.

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  1. Ken Hilson

    Ken Hilson Guest

    I have an air handler for heating and cooling. When the air was added the
    installer noted that it was close on the CFMs. Now I find the unit has to
    run much longer to maintain temperature settings. I suspect that my air
    flow is reduced by the air coil. While oiling the motor of the direct
    drive squirrel fan I noticed that it's got 3 speeds , low, med, high and
    as per the wiring diagram it is wired only for low. Can I simply switch it
    so it runs on medium? Would there be startup problems starting in medium
    rather than say running in low first then stepping up to medium? There is
    a capacitor in the circuit. Interestingly the CFM rating on the label
    seems to indicate the value in (HI) . If so my CFMs are lower than the air
    installer thought and probably not adequate.
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