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Blocked jets on an Epson tylus color 800

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by N Cook, Oct 23, 2007.

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  1. N Cook

    N Cook Guest

    I know its not really worth the trouble but I recently picked up a load of
    The previous owner, now throwing it out, had put the printer in the loft
    when the black started running out a few years back.
    No trace of black on refilling and many blocked jets on the R,G,B
    Doing the utility cleaning dance made no difference.
    Manually sliding the carriage over 6 sheets of cardboard soaked in ammonia
    solution made no difference, same with ammonia in the docking/cleaning
    It is quite easy to remove the large round slide-way bar on these and turn
    the inkjet heads upside down.
    Then putting enough ammonia solution to cover to meniscus level, the black
    and RGB heads, and very lightly moving a piece of cardboard around in the
    ammonia water cleared the blocked RGB jets but no change on the black.
    What is the next in line for agressive attacks ?
    Repeating the upside down process with a more agressive chemical.?
    Putting an old ex-HD (Winchester size) air filter in ducted exhaust from a
    domestic vacuum cleaner and blowing backwards ?
  2. Dave

    Dave Guest

    throw it out.

    I had an Epson C62 that I took on as a "problem child" a few years back... I
    was determined to get that godd*mned thing going. I did all you have done,
    above, and more.

    Then I threw it out.

    Unfortunately most of the el-cheapo Epson printers have the print heads in
    the machine, whereas most cheap-ass HP printers have them in the ink
    cartridge. So whereas a clogged HP can generally be resurrected by changing
    out all the ink cartridges, the Epson goes in the bin instead. It's a poor

    Dave S.
  3. Jim Haynes

    Jim Haynes Guest

    I bought an Epson jet cleaning kit from It consists of
    a little bottle of cleaning solution, a syringe, a piece of plastic tubing
    to connect the syringe to the ink nozzles, and directions. So far I
    have tried it once and it cleaned out a lot of ink but didn't completely
    clear the jets. But the directions say you may have to repeat the
    treatment several times, and I haven't got around to doing that yet.
  4. I did a 600 which was blocked solid. Removed the heads and dismantled it.
    Soaked it in ammonia for several days. Made up a pressure washer using a
    squeezy replacement ink comes in and some tubing. Gently 'forced'
    distilled water through each of the heads. Repeated the soaking and
    forcing until the holes looked clear under a magnifying glass.

    You have to be pretty careful removing and fitting the tubing - the
    plastic fittings are pretty delicate.
  5. Arfa Daily

    Arfa Daily Guest

    Badly clogged heads are a known problem on Epsons. I had one a couple of
    years back that used to drive me up the wall. It would clog up whilst it was
    actually printing. The really bad thing about them is that the head cleaning
    utility soaks up about a gallon of ink for every colour - not just the one
    that's blocked, so if it doesn't clear first go, it starts getting pretty
    expensive. Eventually, I gave up on it and went to buy a new HP, like I had
    always used in the past. I'm not quite sure how, but I came out of the shop
    with another Epson ... It turned out that it was just as bad for head
    clogging as the model that I had before, and a few months ago, I drop-kicked
    the rotten thing down the road to the local tip, and went and bought an HP
    as I should have done in the first place. It has performed faultlessly so
    far, exactly as my old HPs did.

  6. James Sweet

    James Sweet Guest

    That's pretty much been my experience. I did have an Epson Stylus IIs back
    in the day that was a fantastic printer and never clogged, even with months
    of disuse, but I've had two since that were utter garbage and would be
    clogged up solid every time I needed to print something. I've had HP's since
    then and have had far fewer clogs.
  7. N Cook

    N Cook Guest

    Blowing or sucking ? ie pushing the blockage with or opposite the normal ink
    flow direction ?
  8. N Cook

    N Cook Guest

    Success - (short lived ?)
    I cut a couple of small squares of sewing/habberdashers/miliners felt,
    intending to lay both on the B&W cleaning tank but unpowered moving the
    carrier across, one transferred and landed neatly on the RYB (not RGB of
    coarse) tank so left as is. Placed half a drinking straw of ammonia solution
    on each piece of felt, moved the carrier fully to the right to engage the
    tanks uplift mechanism and left overnight.

    Bit of a puddle of ink in the base this morning but on running the ROM dump
    print test all is working fine except two jets on the black delivery - I can
    live with that.
    Had been in a loft for over 3 years.
  9. hr(bob)

    hr(bob) Guest

    I just finished refilling a Canon Black cartridge for my wife's
    printer and it is working like a new cartridge. The trick is to
    refill them before they are totally dried out, and to not overfill
    them so that you force ink out the jets. Placing a clogged cartridge
    in shallow bowl of hot water to just cover the jets themselves for a
    couple of minutes will unclog the jets on most cartridges, but not do
    much if the ink inside is totally out and dried out.

    H. R. Hofmann
  10. Ross Herbert

    Ross Herbert Guest

    I have an Epson Photo 700 which stills works as it should. Last week I
    had to replace the black ink tank and duly went through the procedure
    and did a test print. Nada, nuthin, no black ink - even after a
    cleaning cycle! How can this be? Simple - check the tear-off tab which
    covers the air inlet. On mine the tab had left a patch of clear film
    which completely closed off the air hole. After cleaning with some
    isopropanol and visibly checking to make sure the hole was clear a
    test print was now successful.

    Check the air hole is clear!
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